You must swap Links Mendanghudui

people say, do stand to make money, the website objective is profit, not profitable website, you do a P ah, isn’t it? Not only waste the server space also greatly waste their time and energy to think, work late to N webmaster every night, which day is not the black eye up! The so-called night owls, sometimes is also a kind of


some people say, do you want to make money, envy like Li Xiang, at the age of more than 20 on the list of fortune’s very young! Is it? The Internet brings us a different business model, it let us all have venture capital, money can also be, in reality even if you are poor, you can to do a simple mode! How many people go to business, to realize their dreams! In fact, sometimes when you are in reality confused, you can try to start method on the network, there is always a right for you! You can make their own website, open shop, do a lot of Witkey, as long as you can do it, you can do it! I don’t need much capital is not


webmaster, everyone’s desire is the same, that is their own website can do bigger and it will certainly succeed! For economic rewards! It reached the end, in fact, a point that is not false, though, have to make money doing what I do in order to complete website. Fun! Fun? What fun is fun? Let you every day to update the content, stay up at night 3, 4 points? Fun is to let you with someone for a high quality links to humble? Fun is to find kudiehanniang do SEO? It was enough to prove that you do, is to profit. Earn RMB! Actually say these words, I have to laugh, you can see the group some people find links every day, such as "XX, PR5, Alex 40 thousand, PR4 or site to dwell! Do not meet the requirements of the one is not very funny!" Yes, a website good and bad to see where? Look at PR? Is it really PR? Why do I have a website PR3, but every day GG brings no more than dozens of IP, less than my IP 5%? GG included more than 50 thousand, PR3. But every day brings the IP not much, on the contrary, traffic from Baidu is great, and what does this mean? You rank high, we would like to exchange with you this link, is of great help to us, we hope that this link is said to be a link to a new station, influence really on your website so big? Really make your site ashamed? If the demand is so high, why don’t you go to Baidu, Sina what change link to you? Why don’t you go? We stand is garbage, but we are trying to do, when you start it is not over?? help novice for you so hard? Just a link to Baidu only, because you will not have what these new stations, and right down to you? A few words really affect your site layout. Well, forget it, I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to help some of my kind and big sisters take care of it

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