Su flute Kang soft text is not soft advertising

Su Dikang think: soft text is not soft advertising. Su Dikang learned soft writing, read some of the circulation of soft text experience, such as "how to write soft text" and so on, and found that many people are defined as soft soft text advertising. In fact, soft and soft advertising can not be equated. As for the "soft" naobaijin, is the essence of advertising, is not real news.

soft text is not soft advertising,

soft advertising is characterized in the article, deliberately stressed a brand, or something else, and even directly provide naked purchase process, in order to achieve the purpose of direct sales of products. This so-called soft Wen, in the ordinary people’s view, is more blatant than the simple advertisement, because it attempts to conceal own real intention, but causes some more careful customer to have the suspicion. And, soft advertising communication ability is poor, very few people to reprint a full of advertising content articles. Because of the soft advertising color obviously, manufacturers often need to pay to publish in the media (newspapers like the purchase of advertising), and there are still soft advertising communication is poor, so you need to invest a lot of money to achieve communication, soft advertising eventually found that the cost is very high.

soft Wen is equal to soft news

international journalistic practices, which do not involve any major political, military, social or event news, are called soft journalism, which is the soft text. Therefore, soft Wen is usually written in news communication. Soft text is the information content that stands out from the important news reports. People can guide and choose their own way of life, work style and purchasing according to this kind of information. – excerpt from Zhu Zerong’s lecture on soft text.

therefore, the writing of soft Wen should not go too far with the advertisement, but should be close to the editing of Journalism and weaken the taste of advertisement. In journalism style to write text, editing is not as advertising, readers will not see advertising as if, write fairly well, readers are more willing to take the initiative to reprint, to help spread this is soft, soft writing should pay attention to the real thing.

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