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SEO, I’m sure everyone knows. I understand SEO, it should belong to a branch of network marketing, but in most cases, a lot of network marketing, but ignore the SEO, the most fundamental thing is that many people don’t know SEO, do not know what SEO can bring us. In fact, SEO is the most important part of network marketing, it can be practical and practical, bring us traffic, and effectively use it, why can we bring the most valuable traffic?.

a lot of people talk about SEO, the first instinct is to do "external links"". All think SEO, very simple, not the door worthy of learning online discipline. There are also a lot of people refute this kind of talk, often say a word is, "you yourself to do a hot key words, try."". This is like a novel, love the book, crazy about it, don’t love it, published online "different opinions", you will encounter a lot of fans say they wear resistance, in the mouth of a word, "do you write a Book".

a lot of subjects are like this. It’s easy to get started, but it’s hard to learn it. Programming is a typical example. To do SEO is to study the change of search engine and find out the law of search engine. Especially domestic Baidu, he is boycott search optimization, and his algorithm is the fastest change. Especially for entertainment stations, the crackdown is quite large.

search optimization, can not do without dealing with the site. China to do SEO, basically the webmaster was born, so am i.. There was no way to learn.

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one, html

this is the most basic and must be mastered. Know Title, understand table, know the difference between TD and tr, and know why div would like it. What is the difference between it and table? How many advantages do you have in terms of keyword density?.

two, page design

the page design here is not what everybody often says art design, but the page that designs search. Of course, you can not blindly cater to search, you also consider the site conversion rate (improve website viscosity, improve two visits, etc.), user habits, etc.. This knowledge is required, a qualified SEO practitioner must master, and perhaps you can’t write code, but you have to draw, draw a structure that you think is the most reasonable and then give it to the artist.

three, site structure

knows the weight distribution of the domain name and the tree directory is properly allocated. The site structure here refers specifically to using programs to implement foreground pages (such as CMS). Grasp the name of the directory, the reasonable choice of the two domain name, the name of the classified directory, the internal interconnection of the final page, and so on. Total station optimization, this is the focus.

four, external links,

remember, that’s the root of the optimization, too

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