Old iron optimize the website start from the optimization page


website made after for the website optimization from a single page optimization is essential, so for SEO, using formal techniques is a long-term work, if you do not pay attention to these sites start, your page is much, then the whole site became a heap of garbage. On the other hand, by carefully optimizing each page, your web site will benefit as a whole.

first website optimization is to make your website a dialogue with the search engine, search engine told my station is what to do, my station contains how much about the theme of things, and my site site is more valuable than similar things and authority, and you did not tell the search engine, the search engine will believe you. Do to him, how to do?

1 precise web page naming

search engine for your site search results are classified to focus first on your keywords, accurate page names can quickly let you locate in the search results, but also conducive to the search engine on your site depth mining. If you stand in the angle of visitors do not understand what is your website, then search more lazy to identify you. You will also face the challenge of patient patience. Don’t use keywords and keyword _ interval, and to use to express.

2 very important web page title


page title is open a page to show at the very top of the text on the browser (non title). Visitors generally do not pay attention to you where to write what, but do you search it depends on the nature of the web page. This title is placed in the < of your web code; title> < /title> between. Usually also displayed in search results.

3 controls the length of the title and the frequency of keyword occurrence

the length of the title should be concise and comprehensive, English characters controlled between 40-60, Chinese can be a little long. Beyond this range, search is invisible. The keyword selection on one page, other things will be around this keyword, if a keyword in a lot of pages, then you have to distinguish primary and secondary, it will be considered the same page keywords or cumulative accumulation effect, the overall weight of the site. The title is the high cost of land, the extra text as deduction and put on your web site and useful words. There is a web page navigation column is a lot of people will have a "home", and here you can change your website as one of the most important and do a keyword search, when accessing the page, the authority here came out.

4 points clear code tag

a lot of people don’t understand some of the specific code in their web site. Here’s a look at.

Author is the author’s tag, copyright is the copyright tag, keywords is the keyword tag, description is the web description tag, and robots is search >

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