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Whether it is

or online shopping mall, Taobao, Chinese people are more love free stuff, and the foreign host also caught this, launched a free use of different products, ixwebhosting is one of the most representative one, their 3 free domain name and 15 independent IP, these domestic the webmaster is crazy, so many independent IP is unthinkable in china.

and the free use of the product, how is it? They are giving away free domain name, you can use in the purchase of the host, can also be used in the later to make the new website, this is a right of retention, before ixwebhosting, the free domain is free of charge, as long as you use their host the domain name, is free, but now they are free policy, domain name registration, the first year is free to use, but since the beginning of the second year if you want to continue to use the free domain name, you need to renew the


for their independent IP, to understand these independent IP them, a IP can only correspond to the establishment of a web site, but can not build more sites, if we want to increase the number of sites, then, requires the use of a shared host, if more than fifteen sites, you need to consider whether the buy ixwebhosting host.

ixwebhosting in China development is also very awesome, the first Chinese station and Chinese customer service, and the first to support Alipay payment, these measures have greatly accelerated the pace of the market to enter the Chinese, another host HostEase, with ixwebhosting after the launch of Chinese station, Chinese customer service, support alipay.

In view of the

ixwebhosting free domain second years fares, many people are hesitant to domain name how to operate, if you are not prepared to continue to use the IXwebhosting host, you can free domain name is placed in the ixwebhosting, but the price of renew is more expensive than the general domain name providers, advise you to turn out in the domain name domain name before the expiration date, so as not to affect the normal operation of your site, ixwebhosting out of domain words, they are free of charge, this is more convenient.

IXWebHosting provides these free products, you can not use, as they do not use the free domain name, it will not be charged, IXwebhosting push Chinese station and preferential Chinese official site at the bottom of the link, these promotions Dudu win the market for it, and these products are free is the icing on the cake, not just know when certain product charges, the user will do about recent policy changes.

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