Promotion analysis of medical SEOer consultation volume

as a medical SEOer, your job responsibilities are not limited to every day, just around the chain, the chain, title, kewords, description…… These basic things go back and forth. A good SEOer should also have sharp data insights and rigorous data analysis skills.

a few days ago to get a copy of a hospital to buy in a portal to the channel page dialogue effect month statistics, today I want to through this data report from another perspective on the analysis of the basic data, some processes need attention, the share is only for reference.

data statements are as follows (important data I use background cover, hope you understand):

report pictures view address:

2012-11-6 upload and download attachments at 14:37 (224.94, KB)  

above, I will be a screenshot of the report, in fact, this is a monthly report of hundreds of dialogue data, and the data is chaotic. Our goal now is to extract data from these random data that are useful to us in optimizing.

obviously, the entire report, for our largest data should be the "key" dialogue and dialogue keywords "landing page", and we need to bring the number of each keyword dialogue can be obtained through the analysis of the excel "(because some words within a month is caused by multiple dialogue). With these three indicators, let’s start with Excel for simple data analysis,


step 1: select all data cells, data – Filter – and then drop the keyword in order to get the following effect

renderings view address:

through our ranking results, the obvious change is that the table brings all the same keywords that bring the conversation together. With this effect, the second step, then, we need to count the number of conversations that these words bring (that is, the number of words that appear in the same key),

second step: select all data cells, data – sorting – determine, and get the following interface:



we follow the chart, select the keywords, count, check keyword options, and then determine, and finally get the following count results

count result diagram, see address:


clearly, each of the following same keywords will appear a number, that number is the word search dialog number < > July

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