Ming how to use QQ group website to promote the whole Raiders

as China after 90% netizens gathered, QQ and QQ group promotion has been the network promotion way to small owners love loved by everyone, of course, some owners think the promotion effect is very good, some Adsense is not so lucky, Ming in here the website promotion program all QQ group to do a promotion a summary, hope webmaster friends can find suitable ways to promote the site, make a good website promotion effect in QQ and QQ group.

QQ: a mass advertising, let people hate can easily be the main t out of the way. Now many people still believe in this way, the key to see the contents of advertisements sent by you, if you don’t send ads to direct the course of the main play you, but is a fool, but if you want me in a station sending some recent events in the network some website promotion and website operation or technical articles there are a lot of people will go to see the. There is the question of degrees, you send one a day, you may still accept, you’ll brush one, then it was T undoubtedly. How to grasp is the degree of the problem. Let’s take care of it.

two: QQ group members single chat, through a stranger message, one to send messages to members of the group, is also a way we hate. This website promotion effect is not very good, do network marketing is good. This does not expand. If you are afraid of being T, you can set up a discussion group alone chat. This is the main group that the probability will be much smaller.

three: learn to share with others, using the group and group of active personnel to help us do website promotion. I believe we have such a feeling, a message is the same, group and group of administrators or activist group inside the message and group member message is completely the opposite effect, if you own one by one to cultivate such a ID is obviously not reality. However, the main group, the group manager and the group of active molecules, they are people, everyone can be moved, or money, or emotional, fix such a group or administrator to fix a group, than you a good advertising effect do not know how many times.

four: group mail promotion or export group number, single mail, through the group mail, or in the group BBS group members of the mailbox export, single mail. Targeted relatively strong site, the effect is good, and specifically how the hair is the content of mail marketing, how to do mail promotion and e-mail marketing, we can refer to my this blog.

five: QQ expression promotion, we also used the more, 51.com is on the QQ expression of legends to promote it, but we agreed that the QQ expression in his own web site and then it would be better to watermark, mass effect with the help of the power of users, in fact, you experience it yourself, to really look carefully how much is that you can hardly see the watermark, and finally to enter the URL has? Maybe you think you earn eyeballs, in fact Ming seems futile. >

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