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recruitment website mingtu different

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recruitment website mingtu different

veteran recruitment giant chinahr.com recently once again changed hands, the addiction is MampA 58 city into the bag. The embarrassment of nodes, have been clamoring to kill the traditional recruitment website on the new forces toward the pinnacle of life: Premier Li Keqiang praised the Internet recruitment platform into the financial field immediately pull hook net recruitment platform or vertical, are not the interpretation of the recruitment website reshuffle is wrong, then what led these enterprises fate


‘s traditional recruiting at dusk


58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said chinahr.com will continue to operate independently and maintain its brand and team independence, but whether the lonely period chinahr.com can make corresponding contributions to the 58 city still wonders.

chinahr.com was founded in 1997, in 2008 was acquired by Monster for $174 million in 2013 by the Irish Shanglong Group acquired and merged with my net work, the city’s 58 acquisition is third times. With the changed hands frequently, chinahr.com also subjected to layoffs caused by the personnel turmoil.

58 city open letter shows that the acquisition of China talent net is a fancy 18 years of brand precipitation, asset accumulation and professional team. However, in fact, its brand effect has been worse than before, and most of the resources coincide with the 58 city, the current advantage is more enterprises docking talents. An analyst surnamed Zhao said, "this is increasing its business in 58 city is needed to have a difference in partners in various fields, and in the rectification failed state chinahr.com may not be the best choice".

analysts believe that the decline of China talent network also reflects the overall status of traditional online recruitment sites. Have changed the recruitment industry Zhaopin, qianchengwuyou, chinahr.com, have been due to emphasis on liquidity channels, ignoring the service level, it is difficult to meet the needs of recruiters and candidates.

other analysts said that the social division is fine, enterprises need to achieve efficient recruitment, online recruitment although seemingly improved the efficiency, but the traditional recruitment website remains low, the credibility of the information service system is not perfect and other issues, especially the recruitment model can not meet the precision enterprise vulnerability looking for high quality talents.

as the pull hook net Maldron CEO has argued, the current Internet does not really subvert the recruitment industry service, just extend the previous service scene. "Recruitment industry, if only extended service scene, but not enhance service quality, sooner or later will be eliminated by the Internet.". The quality of service determines the pattern of the industry in the future."

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