Some points for beginners to do links

, I’m a newbie. I’ve just started studying SEO. My first task is to make a link. I’m sure a lot of SEO veterans are coming this way. Now, I have completed the task, but also realized the friends of the chain of ups and downs. Here, I summed up the novice friends chain of several points of attention, I hope you can borrow this platform to the same novice students a little inspiration.

1. Get ready for


preparations include many: first, you must first understand some basic knowledge of Links, especially Links quality evaluation, such as the ALEXA rankings, the PR value, website weight, page snapshot, included the number, you must know their concepts, and know how to judge; secondly, you know some matters needing attention Links, prevent and reduce their own website weight and some will even let their website by K website link; again, you have to make clear the basic steps of the Links.

two, setting goals

before starting to do links, must make a clear, detailed short-term goals, such as three days to do 4 links, and so on, must be specific, and can achieve. At the same time, some can Links experience reference share online, for their own combat plan, then according to the plan, step by step, must not think of what to do, otherwise, just perceptibly.

three, diligent in thinking, good at summing up

every once in a while to summarize, to see how much of her success, the number of failures, thinking of the reason for my failure in where, the reasons for the success and where to learn, experience, attitude adjustment, mentally prepared for the next phase of work.

four, as a novice, must be good at learning


is a novice, knowledge is limited, you may find a lot of things he does not know in the process of communication with other webmasters, do not let it go, now a lot of network resources in the world, we must make full use of, you do not understand immediately search the answer, or humbly ask for advice. Now is a fast time, especially in the Internet industry, so you must keep your learning status fresh.

five, communication skills are important,

network communication is not the reality of the communication, in reality, you may be able to speak but to the network is not the same, I deeply feel that the reality of the communication easier, because you can visually see each other’s facial expression, body language, and from a general. The reaction, on the other side you can understand the language but the network is not the same, you can not see the other, only the text, and the reaction rate will be much slower. Therefore, it is suggested that you are not good at chatting on the Internet, so you can read some articles about network communication skills, so you can deal with it freely

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