Encouraging users to evaluate and feedback information is critical to web development

Internet is a virtual platform, because we cannot see the other end of the network screen face to face. After seeing some information, we need to verify it by multiple verification. This process, if there is a side or familiar friend recommended us a message, are more likely to accept. The true feedback information of ordinary users can win the attention and trust of users more than that of website owners, and this information feedback is the user’s experience evaluation of products and services.

in this demand, all kinds of comments website came into being. In the Chinese Internet platform, the user’s activity on the review site is very high, and it is also one of the key PR platforms for the business. For example, when we buy a product or want to go to a place to consume, we usually look at the online evaluation of the product information. From the product to the restaurant to the scenic spots can be more real and objective information through public comment, of course, set up so independent review platform requires a lot of energy and resources, more difficult, so many sites have opened their own user comments section, and let users with better communication between users, the user reviews retain users.

in online shopping we often have such experience, a single product evaluation before the reference to other people, no matter how detailed business to product introduction, evaluation of other consumers for us higher credibility. If a product sales in good condition, but the number of users evaluation is very few, then choose this product will be more cautious, user evaluation is very important for product sales. In a lot of online shopping and e-commerce platform, we can see the tips to encourage users to obtain the integral evaluation, through evaluation, evaluation can be worth of cash, inviting users to evaluate a variety of ways to encourage the user feedback information, evaluation of products and services.


online shopping process confirmed receipt, the website system will prompt and guide user evaluation. For example, in the www.1608.cn network ordering platform online flowers, to remind the user evaluation in the prominent position of my order "page, after a successful booking to evaluate the service, receive 500 points (equivalent to 5 yuan), and the integral and you can buy flowers or accumulate directly after withdrawals, this not only makes the old users are concerned about not using integral end, increased user stickiness; more important is to let users understand the new web service in the evaluation, to enhance the goodwill of the site, and to provide reference information. Through high points to encourage user evaluation, the user’s true evaluation of the site prominently displayed to its new users, and ultimately achieve a successful order.

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and user evaluation platform fence that is common in the electronic commerce website independently, such as where the customer, wheat bags independent purchase network website, user evaluation is particularly important. With the development of electronic commerce, more and more traditional products come from line to line, and there will be more and more independent online shopping websites developed, but for users, in addition to the product >

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