do the 5 steps of the station

initially finds out what to do, so as to find a content related domain name. For example, some people do QQ station, in general, his domain name with qq. I am preliminary prepared to do the content is about the name, so register I love the name, domain name and content related, easy for users to remember our website. Here to the novice say, to buy domain name is not sure, directly to Admin5 to buy, high reputation, dedicated service.

two to determine the domain name, decided to use some kind of procedures for site construction, and now in their Dede touch climb for a good period of time, so they use Dede site. For this, just like, you can also use empire or DZ.

three program, we want to find their own favorite template: if you are ready to engage in picture stand, as a female picture stand, the best color in pink blue (of course, everyone has their own preferences, by analogy). For the template, personally think that the best original, even if it is relatively ugly, as long as each problem, Baidu to your weight should be more important than using ready-made templates, after all, Baidu see you is the first time. Another warning: novice now mostly free templates are large and small, some garbage provide templates still inside into malicious code, so I wanted to build, should be on the network, for the establishment of knowledge should be aware of. For example, I am more familiar with the Dede template, find a refreshing template, its weight loss, simple optimization can be.

four at this time, their website has been formed, like a decoration just playing empty house. The furniture inside must be furnished by yourself. For yourself to do the content of the station, I believe you should begin to focus on the Baidu index to determine domain names and so on. Watch Baidu index, pay attention to half a year or even a year. For example, I name, QQ name. It’s not very popular, but it’s ok. We improve the ranking of unpopular keywords to reach the keywords like this key keywords ranking. For your own content, be sure to focus on the key words you make. In addition in order to attract more customers, you can try to do some other things or not, and you do the content related things, such as my name, I will do some good foreign name, after all the foreign language we just feel good sign, ha ha. I will be taller, foreign names go in, or put on some pictures of my peers. After all, my station is for 12 to 18 year old children, or for small games and so on.


five decides what he has done, we are going to start decorating. Add new content must be in the original, also don’t pay attention to the hair everywhere AD, some people may say that I do not original, I personally think that the most boring trick is to do a /about.html page to introduce myself why do this station, write some personal introductions. After all, a new station to wait out Baidu included problems avoid hair AD.

novice writes for the first time

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