Grassroots webmaster why do you write the soft text

why do you write soft? A question and answer the topic


webmaster writes soft text, not only to write, but also must write! Why, I have a say!


first point:

chains for high quality

PR is GOOGLE launched a search engine algorithm, in the most popular words, that is, your web site in other people’s Web site in the amount of how many, to determine the quality of your web site. How do you achieve this effect,


links? Pay

big website advertising, then you are the aristocracy.

blog messages? No audit! No show.

forum advertising stickers ShanTie seal IP?.

you can not write soft Wen? Only in this way, you can hall and after the emperor, let others quote, for others to create traffic, for their own web site for quality. Why not,


second points: gathering popularity.

soft Wen can make a topic, or debate, or discuss, or explore, or stand. Right, wrong, absurd, funny, happy, annoying, big world, there are always people like you. Seek resonance, explore life, Internet users to squeeze you there, you will see snowflakes fluttering like RMB falling from the sky, is there really someone in the world willing to and money can not get through? How few also


third points: "spider" also likes soft text

a Baidu can feed a station? That’s definitely not blowing, but certainly doesn’t feed on Baidu. You know, those spiders also like active things, soft text is the vitality of the spring, spiders do not know that the text is high quality or low quality, they only know 0 and 1.

spider is an omnivorous animal. Only soft Wen, there is so rich nutrition. Fix the "spider", you are afraid to do an evanescent dream?

fourth: improve website popularity

is not afraid of deep alley? If not, CCTV is no standard. Shi Yuzhu, also do not need to spend so much effort to fight the network? More than the world wide, and the universe, unfathomable, many unknown? Said an advertising alliance! Breeze wealth alliance, you have not heard! How many people have known. But the


let your website have popularity, soft Wen hair Admin5, that is the first choice. Why,


Bo fame, earn a shout, get a chain, into a business. Admin5 on the link, but that is quite high quality, the chain ah. Can you give up? Unless you are not a webmaster! Ha ha!

!In fact,

is not like to write soft, West wall. Soft Wen, as long as the explanation of a truth, stating a thing, say clearly, understand, if can give the person a little feeling

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