Do the product operation with the principle of Pyramid


Pyramid principle is also the logic of your problem solving.


Spring Festival use leisure time, once again looked through Barbara’s "Pyramid principle". Before reading this book is that I just graduated from University, listen to a lot of people recommend, hurriedly read again, perhaps my experience is still shallow, many did not understand, but subconsciously still think this is a good book. This will be picked up and read from the logic to the logic of thinking to understand how to solve the problem, seems to have been not difficult, but there is logic acting and logic of analyzing and solving problems have a lot of reference, especially for the operation of buddy is the gospel.

because the concept now do a lot of running buddy clutched his operation, die in the bane of thinking, to stay in the understanding of operational and technical content of the work out. My understanding of operation is a process of solving a problem: finding problems analyzing problems of the solution to the problem, namely Pyramid principle, logical thinking is your problem. This is what I know in the above answer, what is the core competitiveness of an operation of the reasons.

what is the principle of Pyramid,

?I believe that many

just entering the workplace, even long war battlefield old workplace no less listen to the people around the recommended "Pyramid" principle, and I also believe that more people (of course, there are few people) just heard of this book benefit, however, is not really to read, complete reading end and analyze why this book where



here, Xiao Yu brother will tell you about the good book, and can give us what the product operation,


first, let me give you a brief overview of the principles and definitions of Pyramid and what problems he can solve,

Pyramid principle is that everything can be summarized as a central argument, the central argument may be supported by three to seven arguments, the primary argument can itself be arguments, are three to seven arguments two level support, so extended, like Pyramid. In the middle, from top to bottom, or from bottom to top, it is a process of analyzing and solving problems.

it helps us do things in thinking, logical, structured, and in the way of communication, it points clear, focused, easy to understand, let the audience interested, can understand, remember. In short, just one word: logical

, let’s look back at the book. As shown in the picture above, we can see that the book is divided into four chapters:

The logic

expressed by

thinking logic

the logic of problem solving

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