For the website revision my station is not lucky


website optimization hall, I estimate the major owners of elders, you certainly do not know this station, hee hee, but Baidu brother know oh, "Fuyang team net network media", registered to run in December 4, 2010, and then did not understand SEO the technology, but also the play of mind, and then register the domain name I mean, the team, but later found that the tour is not easy, do website construction service, then give up, so the site updated a few articles, and then became a backwater.

I remember

uploaded to the optimization, optimization, optimization of what ah, a simple Baidu search, but fortunately, the clockwork propaganda chain, as well as in the Baidu googel submitted a website, then it looks like after four days, I logged on to the webmaster tool to find, I was very excited, four days, Baidu included 4 papers. 12 articles included 8 papers indexed by googel, soso, and various search engines have included, and was very happy, and then you want to, but which will rank pinch, the words "Fuyang site construction", found that the number seventh, I said I was happy too early, it is only included. Then don’t know SEO, you did not think so much, with it, I can see the first few pages are a few well-known site in the city of Fuyang, and the promotion, I was depressed, this is how to play up the drop ah, SEO, but I do not know what, then just drag more than a year, a tragedy.

and then a few months ago, it was March when the team website I do not want to do, then give me a website for a program template, revised the personal website, looking at the effect good, but open too slow, there may be the reason I do not have the space, also too slow nearly 30 seconds, ah, mine I die. Then I don’t care, anyway, no one visit, I did not care, and later on the Internet to find Wangzhuan project, this is not related to SEO, but is a small episode.

Before the

to listen to the students said what SEO, I will search some information, found that see are foggy, don’t understand, and finally in bought Zac (SEO real password —-60 day website traffic provides 20 times) at roughly, but the principle of the thing and theory of things too much, don’t go down, hey, you know some fur, then I have heard for the training and study for a long time, finally in April, I signed up, learning for 3 weeks, feeling back to my website, recognition ah, feel SEO is really good stuff. You want to, or my website changed, the idea of a little risk, because I know, the website will change, affect the ranking, but I think in my second version, this website has been lost in the Baidu Google. Could not find, will make every possible effort.

then changed third program versions, this is personal blog, volume ha ha ha, >

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