Xie the current form of attention to website construction

now many novice webmaster to ask the old thank me, he didn’t know how to make a website development space to do what the site is better, the old Xie think this problem is worth thinking, not just now need to think about, you also need in-depth consideration of website development, the old Xie personal experience, talk about a few experience, I hope we have a certain role.

one, analyze your own situation,

this is very important, the 360 line of the line, the number one, you are good at what, familiar with what side, go to study this area, do not think which stations are more favorable, can be a way up.

your special amplification, in marketing, this is niche marketing, do some station, do not. You do, and in-depth analysis, to enlarge your strong points, just stare at, definitely more than you cast a net clear.

everyone’s situation is different, here it is necessary for the webmaster to analyze their own actual situation.

two, deep excavation of your peripheral resources

, the resources around you will directly affect your development, I believe we have a deep understanding of this point. Doing so, doing the same thing. If you have any resources, make good use of it and trust its wealth is very large. Here, it is necessary to integrate your resources well, including networking, work facilitation, and so on.

three, deep excavation of your website,

is not a profitable site, not a good site. The site, if not profitable, say what is good, many owners are wondering, my website department in any way than competitors, but my website is not profitable, whereas bags bulging, competitors are making what reason? To analyze the value of your web site and users the value of it, this is your greatest wealth, don’t keep your eyes just staring at the advertising alliance little advertising.

four, the content of the website should be full of sincerity,

this may be the first time I’ve been asked by Mr. Xie. Why do some websites go in and make you feel safe and very kind?. This is how your website has a sense of sincerity, and the content of the site is one of the most important aspects of it. How to make your website content is full of sincere feeling? Then you need to have some writing skills and grasp the customer psychological ability, the old Xie suggest you read "soft" research learning inside key customers psychological grasp, and grasp the skills and ability of website content writing.

five, keep your healthy working attitude

The development of

website, can not be what as you wish, now the BLOCKOUTS door control has made many webmaster mentality lost, then how can you do your


maintain a common heart, after all, in the difficulties and setbacks, you will learn a lot of experience, this to you >

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