Discussion on profit model and management mechanism of public welfare websites

a lot of socially responsible individuals have started some public service websites, such as a free platform for finding people – I’m looking for 51zhaoren.com. These website founder is purely personal sense of mission and interest driven, their own investment, their own design, promotion, free of charge for all services. Indeed, their deeds are worthy of social recognition, worthy of respect and worthy of emulation. It can be said, "every public service website is a lamp, it can not completely illuminate the darkness, but it can always dispel the darkness. When there is too much light, the society will become bright."". But the lamp always needs a light bulb and a power supply. The bigger the bulb and the more power it is, the brighter the light will be, the more lights will be lit; on the contrary, the light will not be bright enough to illuminate more people. For public service websites, the light bulb and power supply of the website are the economic foundation of the founder. People who set up public welfare websites have a good economic foundation, many inputs and good public effects; on the contrary, the effect of public welfare will be poor. If the public website founder of the economic foundation is not good, then the public website to have the best perfect profit model, to their blood, self-sufficiency, if can through the commercial operation of the site itself continues to grow, it is hell.

sees here, may have reader to ask, commonweal website if become profit website, is that still commonweal website?


of course, the so-called public welfare undertakings means that managers do not take their own profits as the goal, and the profits from public welfare are used to continue to develop and expand public welfare undertakings, which is the practice of international public service organizations. Public welfare is profitable, but the recipient of this benefit is not an individual but a public institution.

if public service websites are not profitable, they may face the following problems:

1, the public service website is difficult to obtain continuous capital investment, make necessary technical improvements, upgrade the server.

2, public website can not realize the renewal, employee management mechanism award excellent punish bad, then can promote the site’s development.

3, the public service website is difficult to continue to enhance the strength of development, it is difficult to carry out the necessary publicity and promotion activities, it is difficult to benefit more demand.

4, founder of busy work, distraction, will lead to the promotion of public service sites.

5, founder of the personal economy, if there is a problem, the public service website will not be due funds, into a standstill.

if commonweal website has reasonable profit pattern, can avoid these problems happening, so commonweal website how profit,

?Of course,

can use the common website commonly used way of advertising, can also use charity donations, enterprises and individuals, accept user donations; can also be used to expand the shares, increasing shareholder, of course, these shareholders are a name, a social responsibility, is to do public welfare undertakings, and not the equity to profit.

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