Watercress product manager on BBS it’s still evolving it will cause an upsurge



BBS’s death is always a hot discussion of the rise and fall of the industry, in the mobile Internet era, in the face of micro-blog, WeChat and other impact, the traditional BBS is exactly what kind of situation?


Product Manager lebanner (@Route-99) pointed out in the article, BBS longevity of products will not suddenly disappear, which contains the product concept and community design, user and platform operation mechanism until today have a very high value, BBS will not die, BBS thought the amount of connotation will not die.

so far, there has been no steady view of the BBS product form. BBS, like mail, is one of the oldest products in the world. It is not only a huge project, but also very few people can do it.

, here’s an impromptu talk about how I feel about the BBS product form:

The simple mechanism of


Chinese Internet market is affected by the capital will affect most of the time, when the capital of the BBS the most promising is the peak period of Kang Sheng, after basically will be a point of agreement is BBS is difficult to be realized, BBS boom will recede.

BBS this ancient product form has never been the protagonist of the Internet industry development, but its existence has been relatively stable, never because of any trend of the rise and is completely replaced.

BBS in China and even the world has not been cold, so there is no "warmer" said.

UGC from the large area, with BBS and other products to compare UGC products of the three main elements: information filtering mechanism, the main user interaction mechanism, information transmission mechanism mainly, Twitter are follow, RT and BBS are @, replies, replies, replies.

can clearly see that BBS is using a product design to achieve a wide range of products:

filter information on the interaction between users and replies by replies, the dissemination of the contents on the replies, Twitter is already a very simple product, but BBS is essentially simple than the Twitter – simple means that the threshold is low, simply means more stable.

Morphological difference between

and BBS

If you meet the

forum, post replies these elements of the product are counted as BBS, then the domestic BBS market roughly by Baidu (Forum), Post Bar Discuz! /phpwind (Universal Forum), mop.com / Tianya (independent forum community) form.

single from the flow point of view, Baidu post bar is the world’s largest BBS platform, hundreds of millions of visits per day, from birth until now has been

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