The most important thing to do is to persist in adding originality

hello. This is my first time to write soft Oh is actually own experiences to share. I also do for a long time the station, but not a station well, many are the most important. Do give up halfway station is to insist that every 1 articles original, do not be afraid of difficult or no time to send. Send an article in no time.

time is squeezed out. Slowly adhere to at most six months, your station, I believe there will be great improvement,

I of this station are in fact before the acquisition, but I still insist every day update, although the contents are others, but will be updated daily. This station also has a slowly for 7 months. The weight of Baidu is a little high, oh. The snapshot is almost every day update. But this station not what IP, because it is collected, articles that would not go to the front. This ranking is the main cause of IP. So what did I know the importance of the original.

SO 2 months ago I had a 126 happy net this station I was working very hard to do, to update the 10-20 article every day, although the content is a lot of online COPY, but each will write or modify. Make your own " " < / p>; original;

so do stand must learn to insist. How much money do not adhere to is victory in watching others, how many IP. What do you think of what you do, others do what others are relying on the efforts for the results of today’s.

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