Some personal views on the domestic advertising alliance

has been a webmaster for months, and has been in touch with several advertising organizations. The first to join is the Google Adsense, which has hung up all the time. Subsequently joined the Baidu advertising alliance, less than a month was the title. One after another, join Sogou, the first video, Ali Mama advertising alliance, but the site is currently on Google adsense.

has some more or less understanding of these advertising alliances. Google Adsense hang the longest time, and now has a little income on the account, just because PIN code has not received, has not yet started a point. Compared to other alliances, Google Adsense is easier to apply for an alliance, and an account can be hung on all sites, relatively much more convenient. But Google Adsense has a lot of low price advertisement and illegal advertisement, affected stationmaster income. I got a list from a friend who made partial changes to low prices and illegal advertising, and there was an obvious change in income.

Baidu alliance is I most care alliance, the application through the site after the Baidu alliance, but rather baffling is the title, let me depressed for a long time, has been in the complaint without success, because Baidu must provide statistical data, this is for me. And my website has always been using CNZZ and 51LA statistics, the complaint Baidu alliance what help?. It’s not that I don’t want to hang Baidu statistics, but Baidu’s statistics are wrong, and it’s impossible to count the actual data. With the help of my friend, I have been hanging for two days, Baidu statistics, although with CNZZ and 51LA has a certain gap, but relatively speaking, much better than before. Baidu Alliance for many webmaster, is also one of the main choice of the alliance. Although the difficulty of the application is relatively high, but I personally think that the relative quality is better. In the same case, Baidu’s revenue is slightly higher than that of Google’s adsense. Of course, this is not the case before I blocked low prices and illegal advertising.

Sogou advertising alliance makes me very unhappy, let me hang up advertising, and then review. After I hung up for three days, the result told me that the audit had not been approved. My next application was still free for three days, and it still failed to pass. It makes me feel a bit cheated, why should advance Adsense hang advertising? If it is not to click, Sogou will charge customers? Do not know Sogou through such means fooled many webmaster? And is the first video of the alliance, after I hung up a few days, or down. The daily number of poor playing, the unit price is very low, many webmasters in the forum are not too full of the first video. As for Ali mother League, many webmaster are hanging, but the effect is not very ideal, seems to have a kind of "Huyou" feeling, perhaps this conforms to Ma and Alibaba consistent style,


secondly, there are many small and medium League, there are some relatively good union, some League claiming honesty, but the result is rogue

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