A media micro blog editor’s self culture micro blog’s value for the media

for the media, micro-blog seems to be a life-saving straw in a way, the media voice is put more. Micro-blog is a new thing, how to do it, and how to do it. However, no matter how to explore, the media micro-blog should have a certain bottom line and integrity, and as a new media channels, its assessment indicators have yet to be discussed. Micro-blog editor should not surrender to the requirements of the KPI, their own anesthesia on the nothingness of the figures, like a cat in a cage of mouse run continuously in the realms of the ghosts looking for excitement and superficial, for the public revelry and entertainment to death.


I engaged in micro-blog

editor for more than a year, in charge of Finance magazine micro-blog @ commercial value magazine, this year is five mixed, this job let me gain a lot, also let me understand the positive energy micro-blog platform broke out and mixed with various types of unbearable fly dog camp gou. For this industry Tucao, before many have said a lot on micro-blog, this time I would like to reflect on a year of comprehensive combing. I want to talk about some phenomenon of media micro-blog circle and what I think solution, welcome colleagues fierce paizhuan.

micro-blog’s bad, like

only eye drive KPI

we all know, the news theory gatekeeper said, that is to say in the news before, there will be a final review, the news reported or not reported. Of course, in China, published after there is one of the most mysterious gatekeeper. Later, with micro-blog, the threshold of speech is very low, all kinds of media have entered micro-blog, pointing jiangshan.


editor also came into being, taking care of their media account, micro-blog’s gatekeeper is the account of micro-blog editor. Micro-blog’s product design and operation strategy has a strong media properties, may be in order to stimulate the activity of the Sina micro-blog platform, there is a list of the situation, will be arranged in all areas of the micro-blog account to do a ranking, according to the ranking is the number of fans, micro-blog issued the day of posts, forwarding and comments situation. Thus, Pandora’s box was opened, crime and punishment to the editors and micro-blog.


rankings quickly became the KPI for many media leaders who applied to micro-blog editors, and at least the post was guaranteed. How about that? Metropolis News media editors micro-blog is trying to find the social news, but in fact, a lot of financial media day couldn’t guarantee 20 to 30 and the amount of information, also can cross hair all kinds of social news. Of course, some clever old jokes are also the most popular materials for financial media micro-blog.

account many talent shows itself in this index ranking, they occupy micro-blog billboard ranking the first few digits, so the Matthew effect and demonstration effect produced, their fans quantity more and more, a lot of media in the eyes of the leadership, their model is successful, such media micro-blog

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