What kind of website does your enterprise need

it seems like a silly question, but after reading this article on branding through a particular web page, I began to think about whether the websites we know become obsolete. I’ve also started to think about whether it’s possible to integrate search engines with behavioral technologies and content management systems to make our work easier.

, let’s say that not all websites are out of date. Marketing sites work at least well, they provide users with browsing and discovering new news, rather than implementing specific products or services. A typical corporate Web site is quite different from this. Most of us have this kind of website, they are divided into ", about us, ", ", case study, ", ", service introduction, ", and so on, and even " product " service. They integrate organically as a whole and provide users with browsing in a certain order. The information architects are seriously planning user experiences, and in many cases they release the company’s relevant circumstances to provide positive brand experience.

think about your web browsing, especially when you search for a particular product or service through a search engine. What are you looking for? A special item: a media product, a pair of shoes, a gift for a friend. You need a special product, but you have to check it throughout the site. In the process of querying, you often feel frustrated because you can’t find what you want when you go to the home page. You don’t need to know all of you are searching, you just want to know: whether enterprises can provide for their own products or services? If you want to buy a particular product, such as a pair of shoes, you may not need to understand the " our people" this part.

that’s a problem that most of us think about. Our well-designed website aims to create a full brand experience. But look at your server logs. Does everyone browse websites based on your guidance? Do most people browse a web page or multiple pages? Maybe not.


likes it or not, the way people browse and use websites is changing. The Internet has been viewed as a series of linked documents or web sites, but search engines are changing the web experience and enabling people to use database information more than library documents. We query data, find the information we need, and hope to access the information. We don’t need to read from first to last website, we just need to find something, and quickly leave.

once you browse the network as a database, it injects new content. If the network is a database, blogs write reports from this database. They search, search for new things, and present them to us. RSS feedback is a feedback on a string of information — database records, and RSS is very popular

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