The building of local gateways requires innovation and business acumen

relative to the door of the human and material resources station, many small and medium-sized webmaster choose to do local portal station, I also choose more than local gateway station (Zengcheng home: The portal station includes information on the Internet and other types of information, Chinese network, garbage station has flooded the world, along with the information department to deal with all kinds of garbage station, I believe in the 2009 new year local portal station and the station information will occupy the mainstream of the Internet China.

then the local portal station will mainly rely on what to profit, many webmaster busy in various construction sites, but ignored the basic way of network promotion, but forget doing SEO website market promotion every day, do network ranking is a promotion, but really want to do website persistence profit, or to do consumer oriented promotion mode.

we do in the information released at the same time, maybe you only consider is the net benefit, we should also do a meet the business interests, meet the needs of users, for business services to meet, and we take a cut, which is the site of another profitable way, resource use business resources let users get the benefits, so that businesses benefit, we also benefit from. The traditional website (including web portal) just rely on advertising profits, and advertising, Tian Tian is engaged in electronic commerce, which meet the needs of users, for business services to meet. What we’re going to do right now is to play the role of advertisers directly on traditional websites.

is a professional portal: not just advertising, but advertising is only a small part of it. Mainly to play a consumer, producers communicate between the platform, intermediary. Let your website become a place for Internet users to obtain commercial information, and become a place for merchants to promote products, and also become the source of your income. In response to the financial crisis, many entrepreneurs have proposed innovation, and the establishment of a successful website also requires your creativity and creativity.

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