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to talk about how to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan. Wangzhuan is using the Internet this media to achieve good publicity and earn a profit. The network is really a very good platform. First of all, he has hundreds of millions of people with huge potential markets. And the masses of all walks of life, there are a variety of preferences of users, there are different ages, different pursuit of people. So even if you can locate a better crowd to promote, then you will certainly make a lot of money.

third points: teaching points. If someone has consulted you, then you must provide room for training. How did blacks do it?. He didn’t rent his own office, and he took classes in another training office. It’s really hard to talk about classes. Training is sometimes necessary to take into account regional relationships. Hefei says it’s not small, and if you’re teaching in Hefei, you may lose a lot of students. He is equal to two teaching points in Hefei, one at the railway station and one at the Pearl plaza. Students can choose where to teach at any point in the class. About the class time, he arranges like this: 135 in the Pearl Square, 246 at the railroad station. Because Pearl Square is very far away from the railway station, so every time he arrives at 246, he must get up early and then take the most crowded place in Hefei

first point: teach others Taobao shop, you certainly will. Not to mention how well versed in the basic questions asked by at least one student, you can answer. Black is an e-commerce background, in school has been exposed to Taobao, coupled with his later studies, so the first point, he barely reached.

Maupassant once said a word, I always think: "life can not be as good as you think, but it will not be as bad as you think.". I think people are weak and strong beyond their own imagination. Sometimes, we may be vulnerable to tears in one sentence; sometimes we find ourselves biting our teeth and walking a long way.". Life is indeed like this. Sometimes you don’t know how strong you are. Today I want to share with you some of the entrepreneurial experiences of black people.

What is the first

first answer Wangzhuan novice problem, can really make money? I can really say, Wangzhuan not only to make money is also likely to change your life. Maybe everyone will think I’m talking too much. Actually not, people completely rely on the life of the people in Wangzhuan to. Just find an ad spot on the Internet and you’ll find it. Why we should encourage all advertising? After you may point the advertisement will have a great discovery, because advertising is a way to make money, you don’t think that is to help others and advertising webmaster can earn money and feel jealous, completely unnecessary. You ordered, you will not pay anything, you just go in and have a look, know what is inside, what people are doing business, dare to advertise, since it can be promoted, it must be a good money making project. In fact, the online project does not require much capital investment. The reward you get is more than you put in.

if you are a novice in Wangzhuan way, then you must take a look at this article. As the saying goes, everyone has the beginning of that stage and has gone through an unusual process. So if we really want to get on the road to Wangzhuan development, we must adhere to it, we must learn more good means of others, and then use the notes. I’m sure it will help you.

second points: recruit students. Taobao will not do it yourself, you can’t train yourself. It’s not easy to recruit students like a company looking for customers. And how do blacks look for customers?. He still has his own set of posts. He sent the post because more attractive, so now in sh419 search on Hefei Taobao training related keywords, he sent the posts are in the home page. What we should say here is that a process is needed to achieve such an effect. You won’t be able to achieve this in the short term. Later we also follow his example, but we send almost no information, not to mention the ranking.

, he chose to teach Taobao shop, this road entrepreneurship. It’s not so easy to teach Taobao. If you want to teach someone to open a shop in Taobao, you must have the following conditions.

now it’s clear that someone else is selling the product when it’s in. Whether it’s an entity, a virtual product, or a technical service, it’s a product that exists on the web. Through the network publicity, through advertising, through the bidding key words can be very good to achieve sales results. And here we can see what we all have in common. That’s the website. Whether you’re the platform, you’re the advertiser or the web owner, you have to have a good website as a publicity platform. Everyone will ask again, is there a website can make money? This is wrong, with a web site, you have to learn to promote skills, learn website optimization. To make the site higher, more traffic. Only in this way can there be greater value. What someone is doing is setting up their own websites and then hanging up advertising ads, which is what new people do. As a personal website, I would advise you not to put an ad in the ad League if it is impossible to become a portal. Even if you want to, just put GG ads, GG advertising profits, or registered to download the ad. I want to tell you that the best advertising is to put your own advertising. You have to change your site IP into your own client, only on your own site

black is supposed to be a friend of mine. First of all, he was dark, so I called him black. Second, I’m not very familiar with him, so I call him a friend here. He’s almost as big as me, after 90. In the eyes of most people is idiotic 90. In fact, this idea should really change. After he graduated, he went to an Internet company for sale. Well done, too. The eloquence is fine. Later he felt that he had made too little money to work in the company. Resign immediately and start your own business.

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