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maybe it’s time to completely block and block alimama related urls. When a product becomes a gangster, it may begin to taste sweet, but it will eventually be spurned. For example, 3721, you should remember.

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Tao action in a sense is working against the personal webmaster. So that the original should be personal Adsense can selectively put and do not put the advertising bit, no matter you love not to put, will someone help you put the rogue behavior.

a bit of experience feelings, I hope to help you, but I hope that we can really improve the ad rate and advertising revenue, if not to place also please exchange.


website advertising skills:


3. regardless of our station is not collected by us all don’t think it is rubbish collection station, station can let sh419 included, acquisition station made the traffic and visibility, the key lies in our website to adhere to optimize and pay

home page content more but not too long, otherwise the following page is no one, but also affect the search engines, but most visitors will only pay attention to the upper part of the content of the website, so we do advertising to attract important advertising content on the top as much as possible, but no matter what advertising must have a premise is not too much, not too often, if there is too much advertising, can use text ads, and the relatively strong correlation and the content of the website advertising and content together, it has the effect will be better; if your station is a picture based station advertising, to text or text website better, naturally to picture advertising effect is better, this is a simple truth that will highlight the contrast, advertising on access >

1. in order to improve the image of the website advertising revenue to ruin, if a website with the same station, layout is not neat, content and art are poor do not want to look at second, how many people are willing to your website second times? Not to mention the click on the ads, here we should also consider people’s psychological, visitors to your site through other channels, if you want to see the website in other related content, the website advertising clicks are more likely, if only one or leave the site quickly, then you don’t hold what hope.

, on the Internet began to frequent alimama& Taobao Amoy advertising, to the site management to bring a lot of trouble.

, an enterprise like Alibaba, is on the road to hooligans.

is currently in the domestic most of the owners through the main means to make money is only through the web site advertising Click to get revenue, but also some websites advertising earn some websites and earn less, why? Let me take GG advertising as an example, in fact, advertising is the same, but according to the GG advertising the content of the page to your decision to release similar content advertising, the effect may be better:

says it started hooliganism. This refers to what they call the "Taobao" "guest" advertising campaign. For a time, a little more famous forum community ads began to fly.

We don’t

used to put ads, rogue, advertising more or less, are the main station to rape the eyes of visitors. This, Taobao and Ali mother cattle up, put this kind of thing in reverse, and began to let visitors to rape a webmaster’s Web site. A lot, advertising everywhere. Seriously affecting the website, especially community class website layout and content. The user experience of relevant formal website is affected seriously.

The release of

2. is a way through some websites, such as: hang some English GG ads, then hang some beauty video, and write a line of characters in the GG ad: the following address are well-known foreign pornographic websites…. That is not good for the majority of the English rookie visitors, such advertising rates should be very good, but if you make your site in the search engine better ranking is the deciding factor, this is most people don’t have, but once the visitor found that the site is a lie, it will not continue to go down therefore, in this case I still feel less as well.

Taobao is really poor technology, and began to engage in such a rogue promotion trick, although a short period of time to win some customers, but lost, may be the loss of personal support of the webmaster. Maybe Ma forgot, there was no personal webmaster, Taobao nothing, now Ali mother no individual webmaster, still nothing. Ali mother now not smooth, the remaining baby it, began to take diet pills,

Ali’s business and services, seems to be in the most recent period, has no relation with the electronic commerce have been cut down, the service of the webmaster world although I always thought it was a waste product off, the podcast was closed, Ma Yun finally began to drilling of electronic commerce in the alley and start bullying. Don’t say the small alley is a good place to play rascal, is also the most easily blocked in place.

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