2007 China’s online advertising will reach 10 billion 335 millionWhy did Tencent win universal musi

Tencent, too sh419 music music music’s music, Ali and NetEase cloud music, the four major online music giants to participate in the world’s largest record company Universal Music Copyright battle, although Tencent offer music is not the highest, why also won the universal music copyright

, is a NetEase, so Ali music platform is the opportunity to obtain authorization of universal music copyright, but the initiative in the hands of the NetEase, the Tencent music, Ali platform to come up with what would the price tag, determines the opening degree of the copyright.

on the surface, this is a Tencent in the further "harvest" of copyright, the intention of further extended to squeeze competitors own library resources space, but the mystery behind is the Tencent business model innovation in the Internet in the field of music has been recognized, at least the global music is quite optimistic about the Tencent’s "routine".


according to the report shows that the first half of 2007, the traditional Internet advertising market size of 3 billion 270 million yuan, the second half will grow by 32.5% yuan, reaching 43.53 yuan. In 2007, China’s traditional Internet advertising grew by 53.07% compared with 2006.

global music is rich in copyright resources, it can be said to be guarding a gold mountain, but only need proper way to develop. The appearance of Tencent seems to make global music see the hope.

recently, universal music and Tencent music jointly announced that the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on digital copyright distribution in mainland China, and will work together to open up the Chinese music market in the future.

on the road to music copyright, Tencent and then another city.

in July 9th, China Internet Association released a report, 2007 Chinese Internet advertising including traditional Internet advertising and search engine advertising will reach 10 billion 335 million yuan. The most simple statement is

, according to IFPI, a music industry trading body, China is now the world’s twelfth largest music market. Last year, streaming business rose by 30%, and overall revenue increased by 1/5, and if global music deliberately pursues a high offer, it will miss out on an educational user.


Tencent does not have exclusive buyout rights

according to the cooperation agreement, the Tencent including its music music, cool dog music, cool music operation, promotion, development rights Universal Music massive music library quality content and world-renowned singer resources. Tencent music will be the exclusive partner of global music distribution in mainland china.

for universal music, but also do not want to be directly buy copyright, after all, the Internet music in the China market is just on the right track, the future growth of the space is very broad, if only for the pursuit of a high copyright fees, is not conducive to market development in the global music without the China.

so far, the Tencent has been the world’s three largest music group music copyright blessing, including universal music, Warner Music, SONY music, universal music, Warner Music UMPG Warner/Chappell, and SONY Sony/ATV.

in addition, the size of search advertising in the first half of 2007 was 1 billion 150 million yuan RMB, and it will increase by 35.6% in the second half to 1 billion 560 million yuan rmb. Search ads will grow by 72.63% in 2007 compared with 06.

can see, Tencent music and global music cooperation model is not a direct copyright buyout, but to establish a long-term cooperative development model.

it is understood that the data from the China Internet association as a guide unit, by the DCCI Internet data center and the China Internet association exchange and development center.

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