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game of the first network: the stone age. At that time I am ashamed to say ah, my career is my brother stone with go. I feel this is the original network game at that time, go back to school to vigorously promote a, finally my friends Annaibuzhu, also follow the party to.

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2000, the year of the dragon, this year’s new year’s Day impression is fire, everyone shouting slogans for thousands of years. This year I up in high school, the classmates made a few buddies. In their brilliant leadership, we went to the school on the edge of the Internet, the network has just grown bud. Stay Meng most of the people in the cafe are super fans empire. Occasionally there are a few in the chat, of course, I am also very pleased to become a member of that year, MIRC32 became my amateur life. In MIRC32 also met a network called the netizen of bravado beauties has been talking to her now. We are married and chat.


-2003 at the end of 2001 years, in the fun of the stone age I with my friends on the stone gradually lost interest in the open plug hook all day, does not mean it is estimated. In this year, we pledge together in Wenzhou Shuixin horse cafe, added in China called miracle super Ba La great games. Legend of the past few years we at school every day at noon to eat only one bread, save all the money to buy cards to play the game, when the province is drinking water a week, when the cattle are eating a month of meals overlord students order I’ll do a bowl of rice, eat together in the US, fought each district each service. Finally emerged in 52 areas, one of the best equipment every day to stand off in Tucheng safety zone, one of my 0-6 black magic Tan hand, the region will then have a

users often have such a reflection: my site submitted shlf1314 for a long time, how can I find my web page? Some people who are not familiar with the working principle of search engines even think that they need to do a good job of web pages and upload them to the website space. They will automatically log on the search engines.

link for shlf1314, but it "lifeline" is the key to its success. So shlf1314 has the opportunity to instill in you the idea: go out and find links, or your website won’t be accepted by us. shlf1314 at a search engine academic conference explained the minimum standard of collected web site, that is, when you submit a web site to shlf1314, at least to ensure that there is an external link. In fact, if the site’s external import links are large enough, you don’t have to submit the URL directly to shlf1314 and shlf1314 doesn’t recommend you to do so, so you’ll be more quickly indexed by shlf1314.

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believes that at that time in 2001, fans of online games should be very clear, at that time, that the world is crying,


finally in 2003 after graduating from high school summer vacation, stolen, live frugally for several years was gone. Then with my legend of S>

2001, the high school, who also grew up, gift money no deposit that parents, the Internet bar can also go on to work in just ways. Is the so-called new youth to accept the new ability is especially strong. this time quietly popular, and people play winger, Lianzhong up too much as a new frontier. Young I naturally walk in the trend of the network. When the number is 6, for a second day over the Internet, they forgot the number, okay, re apply for a 6 digit. So a lot of flow away from the hands of the week the stars of the classic lines: there was a 6 digit in my hand, I did not cherish, until losing just too late for regrets, if…. ignore. That year, chat in Internet cafes playing inside the winger, Lianzhong is how comfortable ah.

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