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Ma Yun said at the conference: by 2036, Alibaba will serve 2 billion consumers, creating 1 billion of the economic benefits and 100 million jobs.

online and offline business formats open and restructure. Yintai investment, brilliance, Suning, Sanjiang and other large shopping online stores, and SK2, Olay and other well-known brands to achieve online membership open, Tmall’s value is not only online sales, but with the data to enhance the brand value, commodity productivity and get more user time.

Meitu Xiu Xiu chairman Cai Shengwen delivered an important speech in New York, the Tiger Fund world he said: "for a high school didn’t finish will not English not even Chinese technology are not standard of the people, feel a little anxious and proud, just want to sneak into New York to work 25 years ago, and today is in front of the global capital elite show he created Mito’s story. First of all, thanks to the Tiger Fund, I have been invited to attend the meeting. Of course, this is more thanks to the Internet wave, this is the beginning of my new business. We know that the 1978 Deng Xiaoping opened the door for Chinese to prosperity, but in 90s Chinese still don’t know much about foreign information block, 1995 China begin to access the Internet is the real world and let Chinese link. China’s Internet has created many miracles, including personal success. In China, the Internet is the only business opportunity that does not require gold resources and is relatively fair."


if a company can serve 2 billion customers, covering 1/3 of the world’s population; if a company can provide 100 million jobs, it is more powerful than the majority of the government; if you can provide 1 billion business, it is called "economy".




Ma Yun after the speech on the same day June 9th, the shares of the Alibaba in the United States to close, the stock rose 13.29% to $142.34, the total market capitalization of $362 billion 300 million, once again become the highest market value of Companies in Asia, Ma Yun personal net worth jumped to $41 billion 800 million, once again to regain the Asian crown.

lead: Cai Wensheng is one of the true sense of the business model, in his eyes, there is eight by the business model, is to rely on the one or two "Nirvana" in the Internet space to blaze a sunshine avenue.

supply chain reconfiguration. Rookie logistics and Ali cloud accurate identification of customer groups, shorten the delivery chain distance identification, to achieve the fastest package delivery, from customer, logistics, payment and other links to achieve digital chain.

brand marketing and user interface reconfiguration. Based on massive consumer data, through the intelligent algorithm to build multimedia content community, to achieve full link, all media, all data, all channels of intelligent marketing.

in addition, Ali also focuses on the new retail system, Tmall’s 4 reconstruction of the business ecosystem.

then he told a little story about visa. In 2010, he had made a small achievement and sold 265 navigation websites to shlf1314. He made a lot of money. He thought he would go to America to see. But he was in the United States Consulate interview was rejected, reason is the tendency of migrants. At that time, I felt that the visa officer was so fierce that I could see his idea 20 years ago. The problem is that he is now emigrated and he will not go to the United states. Although he has a lot of property certificate, deposit certificate >

Lei Feng public No.: Lei Feng News Network, June 8th -9, the Alibaba held 2017 investor day conference in Hangzhou, to introduce 350 global institutional investors and analysts participating Alibaba’s new business development and strategic objectives.

sales channel reconfiguration. Take Tmall as the main body, speed up sales, rural Taobao, 1688 and other channels, to build coverage of the global, urban, rural, domestic, overseas, online and offline access to the whole channel.

told the story, Ma made an interesting explanation:

Cai Wensheng is one of the true examples of entrepreneurs. In his eyes, there is eight by the business model, is to rely on the one or two "Nirvana" in the Internet space to blaze a sunshine Avenue, although in a very long time, he was always ignored the existence of the Internet community. Understand the needs of the masses to maximize, with the most simple and direct function to meet the needs of the masses. This is Cai Wensheng’s winning weapon. He sought the lowest threshold, intervened, and sought the harvest of the highest value.

then, he said, remember, not long ago, Alibaba listed in New York, Ma said he came to New York twenty years ago to finance hundreds of thousands of dollars failed, and now IPO will melt more points. And he came to New York not only to finance, he is to show their beauty products, beauty has left most Chinese in use, the mobile phone has become the essential tool, they want to make beautiful map products to more people, they now have more than 600 million mobile users, hoping to reach 1 billion 400 million users next year, half of which will come from overseas at present, they are a beauty camera overseas version of beautyplus in Japan, more than ten million users.

by 2036, the world’s five largest economies may be the United States, China, Europe, Japan and Ali,

, this is the second annual investor day meeting held by ali. This year, Ali focuses on the practice of new retail concepts put forward by Ma at the cloud conference in 2016, as well as the restructuring of the global business ecosystem and Tmall’s future plans.

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