The domain name investment projects in WangzhuanSwagbucks search earns dollars

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IP question, if you have the United States agents, the best use of the United States IP, I heard that the probability of winning more, I do not know whether it is true, the Chinese IP can also be the same, I use the Chinese IP still winning!

resource has very little, because of the introduction of a domain name, the following 3 basically soon be registered over, now is occasionally is due not to renew, have been registered to the master to register.

this morning we tell about Wangzhuan tricks in that some can make money on the Internet loopholes, but is also very easy to make the rich project.

can only touch the opportunity, there is a rush immediately due to some of the large domain.


two and Swagbucks frequently asked questions

point will send mail to your mailbox, the point of the connection can activate the use of.

How does The

3. gets S& B points method:

tips, generally you enter an English, search results have related search words, you can also click directly, you can also win.

three types of new things

a large group of enterprises in English or pinyin.

this is my personal understanding, do not represent the real market, are interested in investing in a friend, can be the first to study the market, this way is mainly for some models or real estate to house registration, for example, a property called corn bus, then I can register the domain name for long, and in particular, it will usually not be registered, then I put the station up, is a form of forum, and then made the owners forum, whether I like this or I sell hands are very easy, because there is a huge audience, a community forum, there is a lot of business do, even if they are operating profit.

no, you can search unlimited, enter English and digital, or web site, whatever you want, but you can’t search chinese.

2.Swagbucks search?

new domain is mainly rely on their usual attention, look at what place has opened the new site, immediately to register down, even if it is sold to real estate companies, they are willing to accept, as long as the price is cheaper on the line. >

two, short, good memory.

Swagbucks B referred to as S& fortunately the middle of a hyphen, the search method, with sh419 shlf1314 as simple, as long as the search keyword is English or numbers, can random access points, 45 points can be redeemed $5 Amazon vouchers and of course Swagbucks timely payment payment within 2 days, of course you can also exchange other things. Earning faster is much easier than clicking on ptc. To Chinese the payment for a $5 Amazon electronic coupons, can find those who receive special securities exchange, the price is generally 6 to 1, $5 is 30 yuan, it is convenient to install the search bar, and then each search English, will have a chance of winning, 1buck, at least up to 20bucks. You can search many times every day. In 45, you can apply for $5 Amazon gift certificates exchange.

: click on the swagbucks/refer/chuangyezhi register, American, American input address, with China address do not apply when the need to use the Amazon gift card, gift coupon code is sent by e-mail. An American address can be generated with fakenamegenerator/.

do not search too fast, or else it will let you see the treaty, ha ha, can hang long time to search, I do not move it many times, for a long time to the point of it, the first time I won a prize, do not know this station is how to set the

domain name investment is divided into the following categories:

This kind of

B. on Twitter, follow @SwagBucks, in Faceb>


has some domain names, such as 1-3 combination, very easy to remember, such as some combination of numbers, the domain name itself is to let people remember the easy access of our station, such as 51, , which itself has no special meaning, but because it is short and easy to remember domain name, the domain name is compared to the first, flexibility some of the larger, more easily when some.


is very difficult to find, we can focus on some new enterprises, timely register their domain names, but now, now we are beginning to pay attention to the protection of their own brands, so generally in time to market or development, will be registered in advance down your own domain name, this is the past when one of the main means of domain name speculation, for example we can search our city domain, basically by foreign people registered.

1. Swagbucks register

one, Swagbucks search money principle

also has a way of registering.Cn domain names for some famous large websites, such as www.iqchina, which is the website of a listed company, and I rush their

Pinyin for

A. invites others to sign up for

Is there any limit on

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