Wei Wu why do object to a business model from the mediaHow do you make money if you have 1 million

I was probably from the media business prospects have been bad mouthing people from the media itself, not bad not bad, more than a month ago, Xu Wei in WeChat and I exchange this thing, it is the new things or to positive encouragement, I hem and haw perfunctory a few words, the thought is: what new thing to say, I’m really positive encouragement? Not optimistic about it!

      3, when you can earn 500 thousand times within a year to be absolutely fair, as long as you learn from anxiety a year, if you earn 50 years is very simple, I began to do network management is the beginning of the 06 year, before SP, then a sales from rookie to master all the learning network. Because this record is gradual, and are practical experience, there is some of the network experience, if you let me back in 2006, I certainly better than now, so others take me 06 years to record in today’s study, so he is equivalent to avoid some detours I 06 years away in order to catch up with us, a large force in the first time.

      4, the network creative sales is my first start, ready to set off a sales climax, it is the experience of sales network, mainly is the sales of a person from novice to master the notes and experience, these things are not on the network that are most in need of a novice what, according to ministry class what are strong.

I actually wrote this article. In my several years’ writing career, I have written two and possibly three soft wen. I was so upset when I wrote it that I couldn’t say anything. The year before there is a relationship between great friends want me to write something, I promise is a promise, but a friend where the company’s products I never needed, and the company’s marketing action is nothing new to write. But a few days, will eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

this is something that can be put out to discuss with each other. The following one belongs to the individual values. I have rarely written about personal values, so this article belongs to Bowen, not to columns. Amuse oneself, who see love turn, this is his thing, have nothing to do with me.

      2, every day to sum up your income statement.

      5, if you think this is a way that can go to production to sales, last year the city started, only a creative, this kind of experience in sales, an experience is enough to make you from novice to master the income of one million / day.

      1, insist on making notes every day, is to make notes on the computer, every day to search keywords, search for good articles are summarized.

      if I have 1 million traffic, I’ll sell the secret:

 :     how do I use 3 months to make traffic from 0 to 1 million, the selling price of 5000 yuan, 1 million of the traffic, 1/10000 of the selection rate, and 500 thousand of the income / day?.

it, I was somewhat nerdy, you say I am arrogant or pedantic or, say, casually. I just can’t accept code words and are kept by commercial forces.

Luo Pangzi said, "well, not the hammer.". I really hate that statement – well, it’s disgust. In the people, the media, the charm, the personality, and the like, I quite agree. Because I have always advocated that the media need to make room for people who write to set up a personal image. But I absolutely can not agree is that people who write should be kept.


      by the way, a way to earn money:

Author: Wei Wu,

I realized that writing a soft text violated my personal writing principle: "write out the words I believe in myself.". Later, there is a very familiar public relations company to find me to write its customer’s soft Wen, I said, first let me see what matters. I think it’s worth writing about that client, and I’m personally on that client’s side

is not optimistic about the media business prospects for about two reasons. First, I’ve done it and know how unreliable it is. Of course, there are changes in the times, old eyes used to look at new problems, it is necessary to ditch the ditch. I admit that. But something essential, I think, will not change. For example, continue to write things this thing, not because of blog, micro-blog, WeChat client frequent switching, will be significantly improved. Since the media do not know how much a public number, IT circle, got into my eye in nature quite a bit, but it got into my eye there continued to update each I are holding a good two, the other, hey, ha ha, jojoba, ha ha.

      6, this is I think many days, interested friends can do, I can offer my study notes to friends in the industry, is a 1000 yuan, also can sell hundreds of years.

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