Discussion on the optimization of the three misunderstandings in Shanghai Dragon

in a Shanghai Longfeng site, see a copy of your previous good website ranking dropped, and with the tools of inquiry, found that included, outside the chain, etc. are not what too big change, so as to see exactly what the problem is, carefully check the love sea content included, at that time you see, a small business station, included even thousands, had noticed the rankings when there has been no, right now I feel strange, see included after, found a lot of garbage pages, the garbage here is some junk message page, a page is spam love Shanghai included. It accounted for 75% of spam messages here on damage sites of interest, so the relationship is included and ranking, see the content included, the actual collection must be judged, shielded The garbage is included to stable the website of Shanghai Longfeng progress.

Shanghai dragon

also tried to dump, but always can not be sustained, did garbage station are relying on the collection and content of this.



needs is the ability of our hands, not others, because there is some truth about not just can understand, in the search engine changing today, every adjustment, there are people who do the summary; every update, will have his reasons, now no matter what where there is always a lot of analysis about Shanghai dragon, often believe in Shanghai Longfeng forum and A5 forum visiting friends, always can see a lot of theory to send Shanghai dragon article, these views agree, then the analysis, they go on to the next what are the different views, Shanghai dragon.


three: the content and the relationship between the ranking, the more content, the higher ranking

two: included and ranking, included higher ranking

: Shanghai dragon chain and the relationship between the ranking, the more the chain, ranking

every Shanghai dragon know the importance of the chain, one of the tasks that every day the hair of the chain, the daily task is to work hard in the forum post, then it is more the chain, ranking it; once thought, the number of the chain is very important, the daily Shanghai Longfeng work. Cannot do without is outside the chain, then the chain of more than ever, the chain of correlation and stability, however, an important role in the stability and correlation of the chain in the Shanghai dragon, in the search engine becomes more and more important, the chain of the market will be more and more attention to stability and, just as that day 200 outside the chain, then disappeared in 200 every day the chain, then the search engine damage is 400, the stability of the chain has a strong affinity for ranking, the chain has correlation, here Their correlation, mean the theme has certain relevance, for example, between the city of Shanghai Longfeng do Links, then the two subjects have correlation, and promote each other. The chain is not the more the better, on the basis of stability, step by step to do related links is fundamental.

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