360 Sogou acquisition failed to replace the personal interests of the collective interests of the tr

is still two months ago, the industry almost unanimously that the 360 will become the ultimate buyers and Sogou, Sogou and 360 will achieve good combination, so as to suppress the formation of love Shanghai, after all, before the 360 and two together Sogou market share of nearly 30%, the share ratio is like a few years ago Google in the Chinese market, enough to pose a threat to the love of Shanghai, so the industry either small owners or other concern in the industry search engine development pattern, basically all is looking forward to the 360 and Sogou cooperation.

it is no wonder that in the past few months, Zhang Zhaoyang and Zhou Hongyi are on the 360 of the original purchase carefully conceal mentioning, of all sorts of reasons are so complicated, but it is this complex, so that the domestic search engine market can quickly change the situation was completely destroyed, a person of interest here completely prevailed, and of course this not for Wang Xiaochuan’s criticism, after all this is he wants to sell their products, who sold who, but there is no vision of the sale, after all, still feel regret.

when the Tencent announced settled to Sogou, I feel, love Shanghai in the future for a long time, not to worry about the 360 and Sogou search engine, perhaps 360 or a potential competitor, but as long as love in Shanghai on the defensive, it is easier to take advantage of the search engine market, now to 360 the first is to expand the market share, Sogou body take, but the Tencent and strong financial support, will make the fight at outrance struggle between the 360 and Sogou, in fact in the past before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, the two companies have been staged Longhudou.

360 search dream probably wake up

want to purchase 360 Sogou, the ultimate purpose of nature is to love Shanghai in the search market and a relatively high, but with the deepening of the process of acquisition of 360, Sogou many businesses are from the medical industry, while 360 had made it clear that he did not do the medical industry, if the acquisition of 360 Sogou, the last is Sogou market destruction, can not effectively increase their market, perhaps 360 to take the policy of one country two systems, the use of Sogou launched the competition to love Shanghai in the medical industry, while in other areas, rely on competition > 360 engine

love Shanghai alone will be sustained in the presence of

but the end of the play has come out, that is the way out of the Tencent has become the ultimate winner, with a $more than 400000000 stake in Sogou, has become the largest shareholder of Sogou, and before the largest shareholder is the Sohu, according to Zhou Hongyi’s latest revelations, the actual control of Sogou is Wang Xiaochuan, and Zhang Zhaoyang is a Sohu the largest shareholder of Sogou Sogou, so Zhang Zhaoyang for sale no final decision, Wang Xiaochuan in order to keep their authority, only willing to other companies to enter Sogou by way of shares, while Wang Xiaochuan will still be at the helm, so in the context of the 360 had to withdraw from the acquisition of Sogou business operation.

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