An analytical webmaster should how the weight to stabilize the website

these days to recover, as shown in figure

The weight of a station The key factors affecting the stability of

two, improve the user experience, reduce the rate of jump out of

space or serverBefore

, to maintain the stability of




of the author, the maintenance is not in place, the weight of some time ago have been declining, as shown in figure

see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng stability optimization articles said space will not only affect the ranking, included, will also affect the weight and height of the web site, then I also do not believe, because I think the weight is not a web site is on the space to support, but by obtaining the flow quantity of love from Shanghai the decision. This relatively one-sided ideas, the author also deeply ashamed, first to explain, many owners may not be able to see the space influence directly, we can get to this level by flow analysis, keyword ranking from love Shanghai to decide, and is the site keywords ranking is stable and can decide whether the normal access, web site can not be normal access by space or server whether stable decision. Through such a series, nature can know the decision space is the most basic factors, if there is no space, then the other factor does not exist, so we can get the importance of space. Therefore, the instability of the space will lead to decline resulting in weight row keywords, so let’s keep weight down, stability, we must guarantee the stability of the space, because this is a basic operation of the most fundamental and most important.

as the saying goes: Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! Keep their website weight is not the same to fall. After all, when a site of the Shanghai love weight reaches a certain height, that exist in the search engine in the site’s weight is not low, but the site does not mean high weight will not drop down, a lot of network website weight rose to a height of drop example is beyond count, some time ago weight a station I also dropped a lot, because there is no good to maintain a good website weight, too excited by ignoring the more difficult than keep the truth. Today I talk about what we want to stabilize their weight is not decreased.

website weight is the user experience, but many webmaster in the analysis of user experience, the first thought is the user experience determines the keywords ranking, actually for weight, a ring of user experience is also very important. We should how to improve the user experience to maintain weight stability? The method is as follows: first improve the interface structure of the friendly, for spiders and users, has the advantages of simple structure convenient to quickly find.

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