A search optimization method and details of the analysis engine

Er will present a lot of Shanghai dragon eyes to mainstream search engines such as Google and love Shanghai optimization above, but now these two search engines because of its perfect algorithm and on all aspects of the site requirements increase, for the novice friends is a piece of the Red Sea, however these minor search engines optimization is undoubtedly a great opportunity to experience new friends for some non mainstream search engines, the crowd is not a lot, especially for the fierce competition in the key, as long as we try to do is have a space for one person. To achieve a good optimization effect is not possible. Here I share for Youdao how to make Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


through the above analysis, I believe that the impact of factors mainly in the ranking of a website content and outreach, content and outreach is website optimization will talk about the topic, but is the two aspects of this simple some people do shake head sigh is consummate some people, through their own personal experience and feelings with everybody to know the content and outreach in the process of doing a little bit of skill, I hope to play a valuable role, perhaps the influence factors of ranking is not only the way but I work every day is such operation, other details about the party.

second, let’s look at the communications, we all know that Google outreach effect on Google ranking, but several network through their operations the author found, feel more than several other sites but I really do not rank outreach, so much outreach quality is the main factor affecting the ranking, but is not the key factors affecting a search engine ranking, which a friend will doubt how to do outside can achieve good results in Youdao? By comparing the author found that other sites have more than the outreach outreach website, but through the love of Shanghai recently found its outreach outreach query is almost a month ago or half a month which shows that they are the same as the website outreach and bursts in, and the author of the website link is fixed every day The amount of update, this is one of the second points, the author found that many aspects of outreach outreach some single rival site is only in the forum or blog and I do website outreach is comprehensive, covering many platforms. This is the second different points.

first, we all know that love Shanghai optimization website weight is very important, as long as the specific performance in the website weight is relatively high, the site snapshot slow or sites only need to regularly update the next article will have a good ranking, but for a search engine, the author found that it is not something on a website to get the timing quantitative ranking good update is very important, even if you are a new website as long as after keeping the good update mechanism, the first is one of the important factors ranking, in the process of updating the quality that we should note the Shanghai Google and love are the same high quality of the original article, because the spider is love fresh things.

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