Do the high quality chain must respect the essence of value chain platform

read an article, said a Taiwan girl called Shen Xinling. She is 12 years old has been through the site to make money and established the first enterprise website. Through this story I think a lot of time sorting out, hope to stimulate myself and read this friend. The 12 year old Shen Xinling see Grandpa grapefruit sold, so he thought to each website email, said his grandfather grapefruit sold, I hope there is a need to contact him, the result is really the order. Then he saw the power of the network, and enjoys the same fruit as he established a sales network platform. Then established the enterprise website for her mother’s laundry.

now said that as Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, the essence of how to restore the hair of the chain. Maybe a lot of people will think that Shanghai is not in the nature of Longfeng specialist job, and do well at all the increase in the number of the chain. But after this year’s development, we began to find the number of the chain by accumulation of its role in decreasing. Then what should we do? I want to do is to restore the essence. The essence of what I am saying is that the essence of reducing the chain platform, rather than to the number, regardless of the platform in the end is what to do, but only put them as a place to send the chain. We adopted the following three most commonly used specifically about the platform.

forum 1. We all know that the forum is called grassroots jungle, the first is a grassroots communication platform. No matter is what kind of person, can speak freely on this platform, to express their views on the social and livelihood, living on their own reflections, and some of their own professional skills, communication and so on. But I do not know what time from the beginning, the forum has become a simple place to send the chain. Especially the Shanghai dragon forum, every day a large number of posts, but the exchange is very rare. Do not say first what the content is, reply, only some meaningless flowers, completely not the role of the exchange.

after many years, she also did other sites, but no other, is for the purpose of a start. The Commissioner of the chain as a web site every day and dealing with, I also have to think of a website if you want to succeed, you must have a clear simple purpose. As Xinling website Shen, her goal is to sell grapefruit for Grandpa, to do publicity for the laundry mom. This simple goal is commendable. Every birth of a new life has its original purpose, perhaps its function will continue to extend, but we should understand, to finally restore its essence is the highest level.

in the future, we can not only rely on the number to send the chain, then to restore the essence — the exchange forum. We have always said the quality of posts, but can not recognize good original content is hard to find, after all, be able to produce high quality content not many writers. When we want to improve the quality of posts, can do is to make the post by the exchange, through all the speakers to achieve the exchange of knowledge, experience, attitude to. The most.

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