Excellence is the successful method of a Shanghai dragon er

not long winded, said finally, a successful Shanghai dragon Er to remember, don’t be lazy, everyone knows that the soft effect is good, but you wrote? In fact, you know, but you are not willing to write something myself, but love lazy blindly in the Forum irrigation, said Shanghai Longfeng it is important to execution, if you do a year Shanghai dragon has not made what a big score, then you really should think about this a year doing what have learned something new every day? Stick to innovation is by a person engaged in network occupation will, "

first talk about a lot of Shanghai dragon Er chain but the most familiar problem. On the chain this piece, the number I’ve seen a lot of extension staff every day is filled, wantonly send information in several forums, classification platform convenience, your site outside the chain is temporarily increased, but have you ever thought about their practical significance? Know the search engine value is wide, you a forum to send 100 posts than you in 50 the forum to send a post far, and long-term holding a forum on the day of the event, one does not pay attention to the account is closed, your site chain drastically reduced, this is not what the search engine is a natural thing, the decline in ranking, reduce weight is also behoove things. So I strongly suggest that post in the fine is not much, seize the popular events, with his signature, the best designed building effect, this is the only way which must be passed Forum promotion, wantonly irrigation, advertising is meaningless.

web site promotion and optimization of a year’s time, see a lot of so-called Shanghai dragon Er, but it can really dry down, excellence is really rare. Of course, everything is dead, people are living, there is something to strive for excellence, some things will not have the necessary, a simple and direct analogy (you in the Forum irrigation district is not necessary so serious, almost filling point it; in the formal course to pay attention to the quality of their posts) do Shanghai dragon must be flexible! I will share some of their own experience, hope to help you.

then speak under the collar, many Shanghai dragon Er has its own Sina scarf, some fans are more than 5000, so please don’t you retweeted comments immensely proud, the effect how? Or are zombie fans? If a 5000+ fans Weibo account forwarding only 1-2, then you the collar is not there is a big problem? You thought about how to effectively interact with the fans? In fact, no collar what other things, what to buy fans, seeking attention ah is nonsense, especially now too much advertising Weibo Weibo, the value of the content is more important. To spare time, you can learn image processing PS software like ah, best original collar band diagram (their effect is nothing, others can remove the watermark is also good), don’t say popularity is not enough, do not make excuses, I played well in Weibo, forwarded more than 50+, or you can tell you the head of quality problems.

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