Death is not over the reason to choose white hat Shanghai Dragon

3, phase behavior analysis. The user behavior is added to the website ranking factors to.

we come to understand the purpose of search engine:


white hat Shanghai dragon should follow the principle:

4, the search engine needs to maintain a healthy ecological cycle, do not want to be able to destroy the Shanghai dragon natural ranking.

in the stage of text analysis, in Title, adding a certain keyword density kword and descrption tags and contents, it is easy to get good rankings, but in the link analysis stage, as long as through the establishment of a large number of the chain, it can easily achieve a good ranking. In the current stage, the search engine algorithm has obviously more complex, not only the text and links the main factors in determining the ranking, more user behavior will be included in the ranking factors.

, what is the white hat Shanghai dragon

2, link analysis stage. The quantity and quality of the recommended sites to determine the ranking.


there is no white hat Shanghai Dragon said, because Shanghai Longfeng this road for many people, they formed two factions, namely white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, which faction is geochilmaru and regardless of water, today only said that I should choose the white hat Shanghai Dragon Phoenix reason:

white hat Shanghai dragon refers to through the use of search engines with law and not to hurt the user experience to optimize the site, so as to achieve the ideal natural ranking in the search engine, traffic and build brand image of the.

Shanghai dragon white hat

5, the most important point is: the search engine also needs to make profits, he will not be generous to allow Shanghai dragon personnel and their interests conflict. Shanghai is a good example of love.

2, the natural growth of links. The search engine can clearly know the link growth law of a website is reasonable. >

2, the fastest and most search engines need to be able to simply allow users to search the content they need. This is the core of search engine can survive.

1, the search engine that can be more simple and easier to capture processing on the Internet ". The massive growth of data is always a test of their technology.

we first understand the search engine changes:

1, but also to the search engine to provide users with high quality original content. Content is the soul of the website, content strategy is the biggest difficulty in Shanghai Longfeng work.

1, text analysis. Through the page keywords to judge the correlation of the web and determine the ranking.

3, the search engine needs more fresh and original content, and do not want to grab every day to repeat the contents of their energy consumption.

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