Case analysis of the use of TAGS to improve Google website

first renderings:


TAGS is the last Title tag. Most of the time, the program itself is through the use of the title of the article to obtain a TAGS label, in fact, for such TAGS although can improve the amount collected, but the site’s ranking did not know what meaning, because the title sometimes coupled with a lot of particles, and these particles easily when get into the keywords TAGS tag.

TAGS label, will appear in the search form, so natural for the Google content >

is the second TAGS label words don’t repeat themselves is that several TAGS tag words too much will be repeated is that Google keyword stuffing to improve their website, because a website contains dozens of content as like as two peas will naturally put some, deleted, and this also makes the Google stack robot suspicious. So, if increasing the amount included in the site using TAGS tags, then let each TAGS tag of the word is different, but also with the content of the site itself related to. This TAGS tag will not only can increase the amount collected, but also can improve the site’s ranking.

first program can enhance the TAGS tag, the general blog will support the label calls, and many websites can also improve TAGS, is a popular keyword content page. A station of the author, each content page with TAGS tags, the equivalent to the content page keywords on the user oriented nature, when Google robot grasping the content, because this is a link, so I put it as a separate page, this article set up several different TAGS tags that is equivalent to, there are several different articles, so you can increase the amount included in the site.


we can carefully compare, some TAGS tags are related and content are not, therefore, such TAGS tags have any help to the website ranking will not, at best, increasing the amount included in Google on site. The author suggested that the TAGS tag and set up their own good, the focus of the article in a TAGS tag, so not only can make the TAGS become the key words, but also can make the TAGS label more conducive to help improve the site’s ranking.

with respect to love Shanghai included slow, while Google has an opposite attitude, the average new even if not submitted does not do the chain, Google will be in the three days will be included by cable, even a home too. But some owners said Google’s yield is very low, this is what causes? I do not know. Today I share another way to improve the amount collected in Google’s website:

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