From the barber shop marketing website construction


a haircut, left a good impression is not a long time to a new customer. Is this good impression that the customer after naturally or half unconsciously for the barbershop and to the several customers. The effect of word-of-mouth marketing is great, but to establish a good reputation, you must start from the barber shop itself hard, which is commonly referred to as the station optimization.

most of the grassroots website is like a barber shop, in terms of scale, capital, personnel, popularity and compared to beauty parlour. It is because of these limitations, the promotion of small and medium site has been limited, it is difficult to break the bottleneck. So is the barber shop, only external promotion of word-of-mouth marketing, while the internal optimization is very necessary.

yesterday went to a barber’s never been before. Is the barber shop business is good, is going to wait. Wanted to take a few more steps in a way, but with some warm clerk keep me, ask the customer to rest on the side of the sofa. It’s my turn, barber technology is impeccable, so I took a good mood out of the barber shop.

why just ten minutes I can make a good impression of the barber shop barber engaged in this industry? A lot, this store is how to do out of the ordinary, one upmanship? In fact, the secret is in the details.

when a new customer to see the store when the business is good, will naturally have a good impression: at least is popular, not too bad. And a forum for the development of the road is to build the popularity of the original, which collected more popularity. The customer found the shop now temporarily can’t give yourself a haircut, but with some warm clerk and keep customers. This is equivalent to the site can not meet the needs of visitors found or is "not open. If the site has 404 pages beautifully crafted or have other things to attract visitors, still can reduce the rate of jump out, even the new visitors will become old visitors.

have a place to rest waiting for a comfortable sofa, a hanging coat rack, a daily newspaper and the latest magazines, which allows customers to reduce due to waiting for irritability. These details reflect the humanized settings, if used in the construction site, it can greatly increase the residence time of the visitors and the goodwill of the site. If the barber shop in the customer waiting place only a chair with backrest, no clothes rack, no newspapers and magazines, the customer is no good reason to wait, unless the barber’s level is really high. But if these are noticed, the same barber level will give the customer different experience. Optimizing a website to think of yourself as a discerning visitor, as far as possible through user-friendly settings give visitors the best experience. For example: your site is suspended or even hate pop ads? Page is relaxed, people at a glance? Whether the site will be an important link or main content is placed in a prominent position? Page frame is neat? These details can largely affect the visitor experience.

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