Love the latest Shanghai algorithm on the impact of new on line website

. Clean the page to browse feel very good. It is very important to improve the user experience of help.

6, the chain construction site and Links construction

on a new website, need to have a comprehensive understanding of the product, and cannot modify the site frequently.

3, choose a good domain name and stable space.

that the two new algorithms for the upcoming on-line website has no effect on

website should pay attention to these aspects:

A new line of

search engine is to respect the original content, if the articles are original, is conducive to search engine included. It’s easy to get a better ranking. Easy to attract spider. Adhere to the original update in the algorithm, will not be too much harm. Let the spider know my site is active, fresh content acquisition. The money on the line in the new station, owners need to prepare some good articles. To update the site to which we hope that.

2, respect the original content.

, 4 –

love the new algorithm influence on new on-line website


1 to clear the theme of the site.

5, web site keywords

Have a good estimate of function extension of

for Links construction, each.

in May, love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm for low quality exit pages, and the target is not the same as Scindapsus algorithm, mainly for consultation window, window. I have a new station will be on the line, this is a little bit worried.

Select the

my last week the chain fell a lot, reduced from more than 8000 to more than 3000 now. From which I learned, ranked outside the chain of high quality of the site has a great effect.

An old station ?Shanghai

good domain name on the site, perhaps at this stage you can’t see it, you will find that for a long time. My suggestion is: the best choice of name and their own website theme relevance and short, easy to remember. Stable space is a web site development on the basis of. I have said many times, this is not in the details.

clean program templateThe first image is very important as everyone knows

personal webmaster must choose keywords, and website content relevance, and then apply the keyword query and analysis tools, whether can choose as the keyword promotion.

with the development of the Internet, now more and more personal webmaster. But the overall experience of individual stationmaster still needs to be improved, the last love Shanghai hit a lot of personal Scindapsus algorithm, development of the personal website of the restricted many. Love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, the main purpose is to crack down on the sale of link behavior. With love to link Shanghai to crack down on trafficking, the sale of industry links dying.

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