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3 and other relevant minutiae

station that is actually a fine-tuning of the site layout, structure adjustment, for example we found by thermodynamic diagram navigation bar at the back of a row in front of more than more clicks, we put them in the position exchange; or click on the home page, page directory list has obvious difference, we make adjustments are called update.


easy to understand, I will set out together: "text, add or delete Links, set the page code, like nofollow, ALT tags," these can prove that we have a new dynamic website, called

modified soft content First, we try to think about



1, station control

Wencai website update? ?

address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon jishu贵族宝贝/zhannei/434.html


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when we modify some articles, also called update, modify the contents including the internal links, modify typos modification, inappropriate statements modify, soft supplement. But I feel that it is crawling to the spider, if spiders are not crawling the page, you know how to update it? So this persuasion is not strong, but it is a point belonging to the website updated.

address, thank you!The

but the chain construction should continue, because this is a very competitive pressure, want to do outside the chain, just look at me about the construction of the chain in a

, in our daily life update refers to what? As the first two "Titanic", a version of the 3D, called the Zac update? "Shanghai dragon combat code" a second edition, this is called update? Must be updated before version. So we should every day at the site called

no, there are a lot of Web site updates, not only by the text, the text is a kind of course. No nonsense, I said I think the operation is called a website update:

latest update?

under the final say, the site really don’t need to update every day, update local updates, not what you update? Have a friend every day to the article, he thinks the update is updated, but we are Shanghai dragon Er, webmaster, not business, the business knowledge certainly can not meet the 365 days of continuous. Take Shanghai Webmaster Platform love, he is not updated every day.

The so-called

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