Analysis of the industry users core website optimization

, a general

know the special needs of users, special needs from where to see

is a website.


love Shanghai search engine more is to solve the information needs of users, users to search the product directly in the proportion of the purchase is the least. Usually, users generally in the online search is a problem, consulting accounted for the largest proportion, and then the local area and peer search, and finally the users to buy products directly.


for the industry demand can be divided into the following three categories: general and special requirements, types.

Internet content through key words, so these words come from? Obviously, users have been exposed to their targets, because they search through keywords and target exposure. So do some do products, services, and flow to do for the user’s goal will be some sites, even three are doing, ranked up there, but not to rank more, it depends on is a person, or a team to do.

today I of the words "pressure transmitter" in love Shanghai top 50 web sites were analyzed, the row in front of the website are generally content page and column page, and use the home page ranking site is still behind, you will think of what

Two, special needs: ?

when we optimize a site analysis, the first thing to do is to industry needs of users, only we understand what the user is in the industry demand, then we can know what the user wants, is the price??? Or the product attributes of


, for example, my site is do Hangzhou car, through the index of regional analysis we found, Shanghai, Henan, Beijing, Shaanxi, Jiangsu and other regions also have the search keywords, what? Come to our website search peer, peer copy data, this point accounted for a larger proportion.

1, the search list page: if a page for a web user, more love which one, then this web page will row up sooner or later.

: 2, product attributes, users want to buy our products to increase the desire, detailed product information is not the lack of. But we through the index of the regional distribution analysis found that other regional sites will be in search.

1 products: the products are divided into invisible (website templates and procedures), and physical (sensor, bearing), how to let users buy our products increased demand for

How does

, 3, which is equivalent to the customer service consulting service, when a user wants to buy our products, to find suitable for their own products, certainly thought that customer service is convenient? Such as maintenance, installation services, additional services, and product upgrade information etc..

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