A5 marketing how to improve the efficient website original article

brand value

and other increased acquisition cost are: A, no right key code (love Shanghai search), so can not directly copy the source code, only to copy, will be more complicated. B>

three: increase replication and acquisition cost

generally speaking, the brand value of the outstanding points: A, website brand or corporate brand; B, editor of personal brand. After all, your website, only a few fixed to edit the article, and the acquisition of your website, the editor is not fixed, love Shanghai also can clearly judge, who has been writing original.


I for example, such as my blog "red orange blog", in this paper, I will be guided into the brand repeatedly. What is the purpose? A lot of people now, we reprint articles, this article will delete the URL link.

: a history of the original

do the original web site, is to "copy" instead of being collected. What station is collected? There is not much to say. Usually: increase the reproduction cost of each other, often lower interest".

generally speaking, the more of a web site, so the site is relatively more excellent, ranking is better. But the premise is not only included the site optimization do well enough, also require: the good quality. But the question is: the number of website issued the original article, his article is not included, but others collected past included! What do you do? Love Shanghai authorities did not give a clear view, although the original identification test.

: even when users access to each other to collect your post, and through his site search: red orange export love Shanghai blog, then enter your website, and believe in the love of Shanghai is also such a mechanism, to judge the real "original author" is not


and delete all aspects of "brand words" in the article is not much, just as my "red orange blog" this is my brand, while others are reproduced in my article, the search engine will also be on the word brand recognition, some cyclic words.

two: the optimization of

on the other hand, if the original is a lasting website, have a common manifestations included: fast, which I don’t think anyone to deny. In this process, even if the increase in copy some articles, also can quickly seconds, the original and history of relationship. If your site can always keep the original, the search engine could not be found, will continue to deepen the recognition of the website.

99% if your website information is collected, so that a search engine will think: each article you collected, even found an article without other sites, but also just think that other sites were not included, will not be judged as original.

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