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had a plan to implement, how to perform? Can’t think of what to do, side to side, can’t do a lot of little or no downtime tomorrow to do today, so no plans to make the job of confusion, reduced efficiency, not only missed work can make people become lazy. So we have to do is plan, clear objectives, a reasonable allocation of time to work everything in good order and well arranged.

should strictly implement the plan

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plan table, after a period of time and then look at the site included and ranking, the execution table with two records with analysis of website optimization effect, timely and appropriate modified schedule. If the results are poor, you can take a look at the record, is not strictly according to the execution schedule and execution, the chain is not a normal state, the chain position is not appropriate, according to the actual situation to adjust plans to make the next phase of the work carried out smoothly. If the optimization effect is obvious, can adjust the plan to increase the amount of workload in order to achieve better results.

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execution plan table


if a website to allow you to optimize, the first thing you should do is competitor analysis: determine the main competitors, the basic situation of the competition website, such as the chain, the number of Alexa data, etc.. The second is the analysis for website optimization. The third is the analysis of key words. These three items are completed you should have the optimization scheme of its own, then you can not directly start the optimization work of

why should formulate implementation plan in table

schedule according to the number of working hours, and perform keyword difficulty, to determine the expected goal. In the list, indicating the completion of scheduled time, the number of members, the names of the members of the target ranking, members daily published many original articles, the number of external links on the web site, which sections and so on. Of course it was every two days, every three days, the weekly workload, the implementation is determined by the number, duration and workload.

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Li Ming tell you: no! You should determine a Shanghai Longfeng programme implementation table and strictly according to the execution table to carry out your work.

to schedule must also have a strong execution. You are very tired today will not put first again tomorrow, I’m going to travel again postponed tomorrow, he will go to the movies also shut down for one day. So the execution plan table would be empty, do not do and what is the difference? The execution schedule each member according to the schedule to fulfill their work, if there are special circumstances can let other members of the modern, again will be later.


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