What to do when the Shanghai dragon does not need to do the chain


chain is standing outside the link is in other website chain link to your website. On the Internet, this is equivalent to a piece of advertising, just put in a lot of places only, as for the local advertising delivery is not popular, many people will see, traffic on the site itself, a great impact PV. To some extent, the chain is to play a role of advertising, as to how the role of advertising, which is advertising put in place. In this ad, every day do not know how many webmaster, a day from morning till night, even overtime do outside the chain, most of the owners feel Shanghai Longfeng really very tired, I also so.

at present, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization of people every day, how much love Shanghai included, the chain number is increased or decreased, these are the webmaster daily hot topic. Don’t do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the chain is really important? Maybe you can say in a certain sense, the chain has plays a huge role. The search engine algorithm every time will change, if do not need to do when the Shanghai dragon chain? With the search engine algorithm will become more and more mature, subtle, when the ranking is not based on the chain number and timing, the webmaster, you should do the chain do every day.

then I think, what day Shanghai search engine is no longer outside the chain of factors to determine the ranking, how will. Perhaps the search engine no longer looking outside the chain, the chain itself is not controllable, and did not like advertising to signing the agreement can put a long time, it is free, so at any time may be delisted. The chain is paid, you cannot guarantee. One day, the search engine will see this point, and then adjust the algorithm, at that time, the chain is not important. You may find that weight more and BBS signature brings more small, personal feeling is direct, single chain, felt no user experience as hard for the user to watch, love Shanghai for this link will give weight is very light, even going back, almost do not give up, but those anchor text link weight soft in the increasingly high, may be due to this article flow IP and PV can see the weight of this article is very high, and then transmitted to the anchor text links in the article. Is not only a high quality of the chain, but also can give the reader a good experience. I believe love will love the Shanghai search engine chain.


here I want to express is that the chain simply do more, more death, not what meaning, can bring good experience to the user, may be removed at any time. Anyway, the chain of high quality soft Wen is the most important, the most important reason for the development of this industry is also the soft. By the development of the soft industry can be seen in the development of the search engine, with the original, the outer chain is meaningful in the article.

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