Web page Description tags written


third is not too long, not recommended to write Description too long, don’t always think the more the better, don’t be too greedy, concentration is the essence, in fact, site optimization, can put a popular keyword optimization to love the first page of Shanghai is very good, so a good ranking, began long tail, long tail drag is done and before you optimize the keywords relevant keywords, for example, I want to drag the long tail, and do a "beauty" relevant keywords, such as: "the beautiful pictures", "beauty", "beauty" and other words! Description to write more, search engines also included without end, I suggest that in 60 to 80 words! Google included Description words less than the love of Shanghai.

to the original first, we all know that search engines do not love the most non original content, as well as Description, Description content is up to dozens of words, a website can do, dozens of words are written out of the webmaster webmaster can count? My Description is my own write! Absolutely 100% original

a lot of people have been wondering why search engines do not included in their home page Description, have been included in the search engine home page Description has become a dream, that the search engines of their home page Description is a very lucky thing, I want to tell you is that any web site can make search engine they included the home page Description, the approach is very simple, as long as to write on my way, 99% will be included in

fourth, do not be greedy word word what I said is that some people write several keywords a few words tied together, such as: the keyword so tied to write is not scientific, the search engine might think you are cheating, this way, the search engine 80% is not included, so must take keywords to write in the statement, to write with the form of the statement.

second, the so-called simple to simple is to know the contents of their site concentration to Description, do not write a digression, the main keywords are written in your Description, the keywords to optimize repeated three to five times. I want to do is "beauty" of the words, so I repeated three times, is to show that I stand spider "theme" is "beauty".


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