To establish and optimize the website internal links

today is mainly about the construction of the website links, so we must first understand the importance of Web links, a site if there is a good link to the website, the website ranking, the weight, PR plays a very important role.

high weight links.

again: after doing the above content, you have to link the content of the website and related links to link up.

the benefits of doing so is to improve the website of grasping the new frequency, increase the weight of the website keywords ranking, transfer. Finally say a simple topic, because someone asked, what is the hidden links (commonly known as the black chain)

before I have mentioned the new station to be included, only a few steps can make fast search engines by railway station:

1, the website should try to use text links. Because the search engine does not recognize the images and flash animation.


2, Flash format pictures, navigation, disabled use less, even if the search engine will also recognize a blank. Above mentioned.

: first of all we need to know what is the internal links


site links are divided into internal and external link, and today the first to say that internal links, a site such as the construction of internal links should be


know the definition of internal links, so we should how to optimize the internal links, and


second, induced by the search engine grab our website

simple, black chain is the page to see, but in the code can be found at the link! The most common practice is to set the background color and font color. Now do the black chain is more than the weight of ordinary site is much higher in ZF website. If you are a new normal station, not buy such links, because you will The loss outweighs the gain..

third, the new website content update is very important, we must pay attention to the method of step by step.

submitted to the search engines and web site directory

4, the navigation level as not more than three layers.

3, try not to use the drop-down menu

Because the

note that the website submitted must be a complete website construction.

links your website internal link. Such as: website head navigation, breadcrumb navigation links, the content of the anchor text link, a link, the related links, site map, Tags tags. Referred to the site of the internal links.

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