The site within the chain and how to optimize web site in the chain


7, on the front page or other pages, adding new articles, popular articles can also increase the site within the chain. < >

website, here are several chain optimization commonly used most sites will be used.

internal links not only helps transfer PR, average station authority. The chain is also a search engine to calculate "reverse link", get more internal links page, the higher the PR. For example: reasonable chain large web sites do not need to exchange Links and other sites, when PR reached more than PR3, which is why some large web sites will be high compared to PR.

Chain Indexed by search engines, with his do the chain is the same; the difficulty of keywords and internal chain density with the good, the weight is helpful to website promotion, website promotion keywords ranking result. The website chain can be woven into a net, and guide the spider crawling, increase the frequency and depth of the spider crawling, speed up page update.

?The inner chain optimization method of

1, LOGO plus links to the website.

1, increase the weight of

2, increase web traffic

novice always love to ask why we need to enhance the web traffic traffic is? RMB yeah, most of the sites are on the flow of money flow, the number of clicks on ads also, your pocket money inside the more. The chain can improve the degree of experience, increase traffic, PV users, reduce the search out rate. Within the chain more pages on the chance of playing PV, the greater the traffic is.

, a web site within the chain


under the first to introduce what is within the chain? Chain is in between all the same website content page link to each other. We heard a word, content is king, the chain for the emperor. The main content with the chain, and forgot about the chain. In fact, the content of the chain, the chain is a part of every website is essential, not one less. We take a look at the site in the chain has the function and how to optimize a good web site in the chain structure of


4, at the end of the article below, can increase the previous article, the next article in the chain increase method.

3, a website has set the picture to the website, you check whether some picture can refer to the article, this method can also be any increase in the chain.

5, add TAG tag.


3, PR

6, the internal columns appear keywords, keywords can be a link to the corresponding column.

two, how to optimize the site within the chain of

site navigation, site map and some information is added in the chain.

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