Six elements included the impact from Shanghai love business

space is to love Shanghai included certain influence, feeling of stability than the proportion of larger speed. Especially not open in time to visit the spider web site, let the spider eat eat several times cold-shoulder treatment, it made a bad impression on you, the next few days visiting is normal.

many participating sites are changed after the title directly after the event, in the past few days on ranking time also found a lot of not one-time change three labels, some even changed several times, of course, if the site weight is also possible, the site is generally not punished, but if it is new or revised station should be careful title change frequency. A blog is in Qi No. 11 time changed the title after the emergence of the day after the snapshot snapshot stagnation phenomenon.

The speed and stability of

4, the chain number and width of the

3, and the correlation between

today is idle to the contest organizers official forum strolled around, saw a friend said he had given up, because these days a lot of effort also ranked no improvement, do not know in ridicule or really. >

to calm

, 6 +

update the contents of a competition website are doing well, are updated every day, or even a day to update the N article, really admire some webmaster execution. As for the correlation, to optimize the word related things is very much, but also saw some competition website content have its inconsistent estimates with the game time, this website will be more and more to keep up with the rhythm.

There are many factors affecting

this point to the old station still has some advantages, but for the new station facing too much, much more Qi found now the top most station chain is very few, now the rankings are based on the update and the chain to support the post fight outside the chain and resources of time, lose is not the chain and these resources. Again the breadth of the chain, a few participants noted, perhaps we are not working on this, may have been desperate to.

, space velocity and stability of


see many participating site revision, so the search engine will take you as a new view, the structure of the site is best not to move, especially within the chain to do good website, you often change the structure of the site, will let the spider touched the north, because they have familiar with the previous line crawl.

content update

1, frequently change the title

In 2, the revision and structure of

as everyone knows love Shanghai included, but there are several important factors that can not be ignored, because the mistake will be punished by a search engine. How much is the 6 elements of Qi through the analysis of the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng entry site under the influence of love from Shanghai.

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