The four step interpretation of how to evaluate the degree of competition in the webmaster keywords

when we assess the keywords competition degree, one of the most direct way is to look at the number of bidding promotion Keywords, the keywords such as diet pills, we query the bidding promotion number, as shown in figure


map display related search page keywords this latest film is about twenty-eight million, so you can see the simple keyword competition is not low. So, webmaster evaluation keyword competition, the first step is to query the keyword search page, if more than ten million, then from the surface, we can see that the keyword competition is not small.

, a related result page number


According to the

evaluation of a keyword, the degree of competition, first need to check the number of search results related to this keyword generally included below 3 million is a small degree of competition, 3 million to 5 million is medium, more than 5 million is a high degree of competition. Then we evaluate the competitive keywords, according to this analysis. For example, if the keywords the latest movies, how much is the query, the search page as shown in figure

network optimization in the first need to determine the site keywords, but now the popular keywords as long as there is almost occupied by a rival, want to find a competitive keywords less heavy traffic is very difficult. This station had no choice, only should be hard. Keywords if the competition is too fierce words, personal webmaster should learn to give up, some competition is not so intense, but for most of the webmaster, how to determine the concept of keyword competition does not seem to be a standard, more likely to fall in love with the sea just refer to a simple analysis of the index. If the degree of competition of key words cannot have a detailed understanding, for their own master optimization effect is actually the most difficult. Today the thunder fans mainly share with you how to assess the degree of competition in the key words.

two, promotion bid number



diagram, the bidding to promote the number of four, plus a love Shanghai encyclopedia, it says that if you put this on top of page keyword optimization only ranked in the fourth, fifth, and according to the user click data show that the keyword flow mainly concentrated in the top three, so that for more than four of total number for promotion, so the key that on the one hand it has the optimization value, on the other hand because of the optimized value, so the competition is very fierce, after all the webmaster want to optimize keywords some relatively high value to obtain the results quickly. So, in general, as long as the promotion of the competitive bidding keywords is not very small, to consider the ability of your own webmaster choice.

three, flow


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