The content of the website is more conducive to the original Shanghai dragon and user experience

4, to get traffic

website weight

is website friends, your website content from where? Maybe you think collecting false original is the most convenient method for adding content, Shanghai dragon as well; perhaps, you will simply don’t all reproduced the content of the website; but, clever webmaster, do original article, more clever webmaster, attract the original article. To update the original article on the benefits of the long-term development of the site is in doubt, the author’s opinion, the benefits of at least one of the following four points.

3, is conducive to the chain to increase

original articles have also been peer webmaster welcome. If your article is Internet only, but also has a certain degree of readability, I believe there are still many owners are willing to reprint your article, which stationmaster is not willing to let their website content repetition rate a bit less? I have time to check on the chain was surprised to find that there are several high weight website reprint the original article, the author is free to send a lot of chain. The premise is that you must do draw text link station.

2, beneficial to the user experience

1, is conducive to the promotion of

it can be said that the high quality of the search engine to make your entire web site points, also is to increase the weight. Then, the search engine is how to identify the quality of the article? At present, the original degree is the most important criterion for judging the search engine. When the search engine found a title only the content of the Internet, the Internet only, you will feel very surprise, when she fell in love with you at the same time, also fell in love with your website. On the contrary, if your site is full of some of the Internet everywhere can pick up the search engine on your site will be very friendly, even she will abandon you. Noble baby even think, if your article reached 80% similarity, without authorization, will judge you is cheating.

here said the original article, is a really good article, at least, is their intention to write the article. Some Adsense by posting an article to get recognition, no readability, think this is the original article. Although this article is only on the Internet, however, this involves a search engine on the user experience. If you see a user website article is out of order, something less than a second to your site to turn off, do you think the search engine will give you a website how to evaluate? More and more intelligent search engine can not fool. Really good original articles, the search engine recognition at the same time, has also been recognized by the user, when a user love on your article, your return rate will continue to improve, thus forming a virtuous cycle of traffic.

due to the original article title and content only, no repetition rate, coupled with the search engine on its evaluation is relatively high. Therefore, the original article.

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